What's Your Favorite Television Show to Watch?

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What's Your Favorite Television Show to Watch?

I enjoy watching a variety of television shows from the HGTV to A&E, what about you?

I like real life drama. And good comedy. Love the big bang theory. But I can't really sit still long enough to watch much else


Big Bang Theory, NCIS, NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, Hostages, White Collar, Suits, Covert Affairs, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Elementary, Copper (On BBC), Bones, and a few others I can't think of right now.... (I think I spend too much time watching TV not enough time crafting... LOL)

OH and Duck Dynasty... Uncle Si it just too funny... LOL

i personally don't really watch tv or shows i rather spend my time designing kits, layouts, fb covers, etc.
my kids can enjoy the tv while movie is busy designing.. smiley

A good drama is always good, especially as the evening approaches! I never watched the Big Bang Theory, but I think it gets good reviews.

You listed a variety of shows that I watch, Criminal Minds is my fav!

I like the Big Bang Theory too! Super funny... CSI and Bones...

Otherwise, I rarely watch the TV - when I am working on things, my nieces and nephews are generally watching oldies like Gilligan's Island, Scooby and Hong Kong Phooey. It's nice hearing in the background...

I think we all share some of the same interests in television broadcasting, lol! I love great dramas and thriller shows, I love a bit of mystery as well.

Too many to list! smiley But I do generally enjoy sci-fi and police shows, and some fantasy.
Some current shows are: Stargate SG-1 (watching it on Amazon Prime), Castle, and Grimm.

Oh man, the range of shows I watch varies SO much! I love crime dramas - Criminal Minds is my absolute favorite. I love supernatural shows like Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Haven. Intense Sci-Fi's like Lost. Then although I'm not a teenager anymore I really like a few of the teen dramas like Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill. I've recently started getting into Sons of Anarchy.... there's a few!

Total Big Bang Theory fan here. Love Friends, too. smiley

My favorite thing to watch is Law & Order: Criminal Intent (reruns). I've seen them hundreds of times, but it is kind of oddly soothing to know the scenes and dialogue for some reason. I go to sleep watching that every night on the DVR. It's bad because I had to go into the hospital for a night and almost couldn't get to sleep because I didn't have it to watch. Crazy!

Other than that, I really liked watching The Killing and am now watching The Blacklist. I also love New Girl.

Supernatural, Haven, Grimm, Pride and Prejudice (BBC Series), Disney films like Brother Bear, Spirit

I don't watch a lot of TV but my all time favorite show that I can watch over and over again is Law & Order (the original). I like the add-ons like SUV, Criminal Intent but it is the plain ole' Law & Order series I love the most.

I love the big bang theory too. I watch a range of different shows but I am currently following, Blacklist, Once Upon a time, hostages, bones, winners and losers (aussie show), grimm, homeland, arrow, how I meet your mother and enjoy all the different crimminal investigation type shows but only watch them when I am not falling asleep.

I also love the jane austen mini series and pride and prejudice is my fav I have it on dvd.

A guilty pleasure is Toddlers and Tiaras, though I spend most of my time rolling my eyes at the parents.
My Husband and I like to watch a few shows together, like Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, Chicago Fire, NCIS, and NCIS:LA, and a couple more. Oh, Elementary is great. I think of all of the above we prefer Chicago Fire. smiley

I never watch "TV" I don't even have cable. . . How can this be you might ask, I download from EZTV and watch a lot of British shows.
Plus all the horror fantasy stuff, walking dead, dexter, supernatural. Falling skies. and sons of anarchy , true blood, justified. I watch a lot of shows when I see them listed, but they're not all on all the time. I almost forgot Haven it's filmed here in Nova Scotia.

my favs at the min are ,dexter (gutted now its finished),greys anatomy ,blacklist and a few random programmes here in the uk

Packed to the rafters, Everybody loves Raymond (my fav!), Castle, Masterchef Australia and rest I dont remember! smiley

All the BBC period dramas - Robin Hood and North & South are my favourites. As for TV, I watch online: Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, CSI Miami and White Collar. I catch up with them at the end of the week.

I watch way to much TV lol...Right now I am really into How I Met Your Mother and Vampire Diaries on Netflix and Once Upon a Time, Castle, Glee, Big Bang and Hart of Dixie (and auditioning a few new shows this year like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)

Right now, it's Alphas, Star Trek, and Warehouse 13.

There are so many that I like, but some of my favs are, Parenthood, Revolution, Castle, Nashville, Shark Tank, I love talk shows, and game shows... I miss some shows but catch them later on Hulu.... I try and catch up on some on my weekends off... smiley

@Cathy, the show Justified is basically my home area. I'm originally from Bell County, KY and Hazard, KY is just a bit further north. One county over.

I'm STILL getting use to this "tv" thing, but I've locked in on Agents of SHIELD. As a Joss Whedon fangirl, it's constantly making me squeal.

My all-time favorite is Friends & Gilmore Girls..but also enjoying How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Closer

We chose to not have our tv hooked up to an outside source, and haven't had anything except our dvd's for about 6 years now. We do watch movies, and we love the old tv shows so we buy seasons of those. In our house we always like the old musicals, old tv shows, History documentaries (my son love history), The Road to Avonlea series that was on Disney back in the 80s, etc. We very rarely like anything that comes out new today, except maybe a few cartoons.

i rarely watch tv....but i do insist on watching strictly come dancing which is our version of dancing with the stars..and once upon a time and game of thrones..which i must have watched about ten times now lol

I only watch tv for the news and maybe a show on one of the PBS stations occasionally. Downton Abby, Foyle's War and the Poirot mysteries are the only ones I watched regularly. Commercial tv has too many commercials. Even with the sound muted, they are annoying.

I gotta say, I'm really addicted to Sleepy Hollow and Agents of Shield. Sleepy Hollow and Icabod Crane is one of my favorite stories. And as far as Agents of Shield goes, I adore Joss Whedon and I absolutely love love love Agent Coulson. smiley

The Voice, do not miss a single program