What's Your Favorite Television Show to Watch?

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I have too many. I like the "scripted" reality tv shows lol. Dance Moms, survivor, big brother, The little couple, Little people big world, Sister wives (pretty much all TCL shows), Grey's Anatomoy, The big bang theory, Switched at birth, Under the Dome are my main ones.

Doctor Who!! Allons-y!

Grimm is my must see show

I like dramas. Hate reality and talent shows like x factor.

Hmm I watch too many TV shows for sure, I'm losing track... but my all time favorites... Grey's Anatomy, Revenge (have loved Emily VanCamp since Everwood), Dexter (sooo sad it ended), The Good Wife, Homeland, Supernatural, Gilmore Girls (I have them all on DVD and watch every other month or so, or whenever the mood hits). And then some... looking forward to the second season of Under the Dome and Misstresses smiley

For Me: Grey's of course, NCIS, The Blacklist, Hostages
With Hubby: (reality) logging, gold mining shows
With Kids: Disney JR lol

Suits, Once Upon A Time, Breaking Bad (not done with it yet). I love cop shows... CSI, Law and Order SVU and most recently Chicago PD. It's just on it's first 4 episodes and I'm really loving it. Plus Sophia Bush is on it, so yeah. Haha. I love Chicago Fire too, kinda the reason why I got into the spin-off Chicago PD.

I love watching the British shows .... right now it's Midsummer Murders and Foyle, both detective series. Heartbeat is another favourite which I have been watching for years and years and .... smiley

I will always love One Tree Hill. I practically grew up with that show and until now I still find myself watching the dvds from time to time. I have so much love for Brooke Davis!!! Right now I'm more into watching lifestyle and cooking shows. I'm taking a breaker from my usual serials like Pretty Little Liars but I'm starting to get hooked on Chicago PD as well. It's so intense I cannot wait for the next episode each time I watch it.

My hubby and I watch Big Bang together. Lately we have started watching Whitechapel as we have gone through all of the American crime dramas on Netflix and Amazon. My secret indulgence is Hart of Dixie. It reminds me a lot of Sweet Home Alabama which is one of my favorite shows. smiley


We disengaged ourselves from television years ago because the national service in South Africa is pathetic and we got tired of paying a small fortune each month to the satellite service, only to get endless repeats of things we didn't even like. Instead we use that money to buy our favourite series and films on DVD and now have a fabulous collection. I haven't seen a commercial in the past five years!

Now everything I watch is a favourite: Poirot, Marple, Midsomer Murders, Foyle's War, A Touch of Frost, Rosemary and Thyme, Morse, Lewis, Kavanagh QC, Rumpole of the Bailey, Inspector Alleyn, and many more.

Next on my list to get is the Australian series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

@Sandra: We have the same problem here in Brazil - so, we don´t even have a TV since we got married 6 years ago, but we used to rent, istead of buying stuff. Recently, a thing called "netflix" got installed here - you pay a small (yes, really small) fee, and you can watch anything they have on their database whenever you want and how many times you want. And they have lots of TV series and movies as well. I was wondering if there is something like that in South Africa. If there isn´t, I hope it will arrive there soon...

@Lórien: I believe Netflix is in talks with Telkom here but so far we don't have the service. People can watch Netflix in SA via Unotelly but we don't bother, mainly because internet costs are so high that we wouldn't be able to afford the uncapped service, and also our connections aren't that reliable. I often get cut off in the middle of downloading a scrapbook kit! Both of us like to read a lot and do our hobbies so we were never big TV watchers anyway, and we find our own collection quite sufficient. I had a long list of wants when we started doing this and now it's almost clear. You can buy a lot of DVDs in five years! smiley

If I just have to say one, and one right now it will be Castle. Or maybe Scandal..... hard time to choose smiley

Right now, we are watching Battlestar Galactica. Just started season 3, and it is going to kill me when it is over. Weekly, we keep up with NCIS, Bones and Castle. My all time favorites are NCIS, Sherlock, Eureka, Doctor Who and Castle.

Has anyone watched Broadchurch? I really want to see it.

We have netflix and are watching One Tree Hill and love it too. We love Brooke Davis also. We are just dreading the series ending. I also watch Parenthood. One of them has a child that has Autism and for anyone that wants to learn more about Autism it is a great show plus there's always something going on with somebody in the family. We hardly ever watch regular TV. We do watch Big Bang too sometimes.

We love Castle, NCIS, The Mentalist and a lot of the USA Networks shows like White Collar, Suits. Mainly crime drama shows, but last summer out friends got us totally hooked on Big Bang Theory. OMG it is hilarious!

DOWNTON ABBEY!!! I love all things British so I watch many movies about or made in the UK. Being somewhat geeky I love Star trek and the Big Bang Theory. Canadian TV has some great shows out : Continuum, Lost Girl, Bomb Girls etc.
To tell you the truth I watch too many movies and TV smiley LOL

Yay! I got excited when I read you like One Tree Hill too, Brenda. And Brooke! smiley She was such an adorable mess as a young girl that grew up into an amazing woman despite everything that she's been through and been put through. And I think you will love the series finale. It's nostalgic and just perfect.

Anyway, does anyone watch True Detective on HBO? I've only watched the first episode and I like it so far.

Just this week we stopped our cable TV service and are streaming all our TV shows and movies via the internet. It's kind of liberating at half the cost.

Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries are a hoot. I am slowly watching them through Netflix. If you haven't seen the new prequel to Inspector Morse it is called "Endeavour" and the young Morse is such a cutie too. I hope you've seen the new Sherlock Holmes as Benedict Cumberbatch is soooo sexy lol. Well OK it also happens to be very well done as is "Endeavour". smiley

BTW I was sitting in Starbucks last night with a friend and heard a man and a woman speaking a language I did not recognize. It sounded Germanic but not German...so I turned around and immediately caught the eye of the gentleman behind us. He smiled and said "What did I do? and laughed. So we all laughed and after telling him he was innocent of any wrongdoing I wanted to know what language they were speaking and he said "Afrikaans". I didn't recognize it and probably looked a bit lost so he smiled and said they were from South Africa. I told him "You are the first people I have met from South Africa! I'm very pleased to meet you!" They returned the compliment and I reluctantly left them to carry on their conversation. Big deal, right? But for those of us who live right in the middle of the USA it's pretty exciting to meet people from all over the world. I just try not to be pushy....darn. And hey, nice to meet you too!


I love Big Bang and my cell phone shows the word "Bazinga!!" in large letters on my phone desktop at all times.


Oh Gosh Claire, We're at the part where Brooke has twins and just so great she finally got pregnant. We have only one more season to go and are dreading the end because we have watched so long and it's like everybody is our family. Just hate for it to end. Are there any other shows similar? I've been looking on Netflix and just cannot find anything like it.

Dexter, Walking Dead, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report

I know the feeling. I started watching it from its first episode back in 2003. So it's like I've been experiencing stuff with them for 9 years. smiley I'm not sure if there's anything else similar to OTH. I've watched a lot of drama series since then but nothing like it so far.

My daughter in law got me hooked on Downton Abbey. She's seen all of it except the first season. I promised I wouldn't watch without her. I stream it free with Amazon Prime, but it's hard not to sneak a peek at the next episode! I watched Upstairs Downstairs to get my British fix, but unfortunately it wasn't on long enough for me. smiley

The Walking Dead!

I just started watching the first season! so far i like it!

I rarely watch TV in real-time, because there isn't a television here in my office, but I constantly have Hulu or Netflix streaming on my iPad. I like far too many shows, from sit-coms to cop-drama, reality to sci-fi. I recently discovered Dexter on Netflix, so I'm blowing through all the past seasons to get caught up. smiley