What's your scrapbooking "style"?

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What's your scrapbooking "style"?

I came across a thread in the Stuff to Scrap forum (thanks to the freebie threads here pointing me to downloads there!) in the beginners' section that was about four different styles of digital scrapbooking.

Their divisions were

1. Fresh - blank space, artsy, bright colors, clusters
2. Distressed - sort of shabby chic, grungy papers, realistic-looking elements
3. Fantasy - sort of surreal-looking, people extracted from photos and placed in a scene
4. Traditional - lots of layers, chipboard elements, sticker elements, paper-looking elements

So what is YOUR style? How would you divide the digital scrapbooking styles that you see? I know I am more attracted to some layouts/kits than others and this is really helping me identify what it is that I like.

Would you use one of those style categories or would you call yours something different? What do you like?

I think I'm somewhere between Fresh and Traditional ... I stink at clusters and layers so far but I am attracted to the bright colors and the Traditional type of elements. And I like a balanced page with some space left blank. Maybe I would call it Minimal Traditional Fresh?

No style yet, just beginning. These are some style I will take a look at, thank you Laura!

When I started digi scrapping I started hanging out in forums that offered challenges - I particularly liked places that gave technique challenges with instructions because learning something new and even how to use a graphics programme was a priority for me. Consequently in just under 12 months I don't think I have developed a style, I may always be a dabbler who just wants to learn something new. I have my favourites from the layouts I have acheived but once again no standout style and in many ways I am still a beginner. I am becoming fond of blending things and changing the opacity of things recently for a softer look but that may be as close as I get to finding a style.

I think I'm mostly traditional and I hate it. smiley I wish I could think to expand. I really like their idea of Fresh and Distressed. I can't really picture Fantasy but I'm guessing it's not me. smiley

Their "fantasy" example was kind of cool, Heather. It had a little girl extracted from a photo, placed on a page with fairytale-style elements creating a scene. The "walls" were the background paper, the "floor" was a different paper with the perspective shifted, sort of. It's hard to describe! I had never seen anything like it before.

Probably a blend of Fresh and Traditional. Though some of my favorite pages would be best described as Angsty. smiley

I haven't figured out my style just yet... Right now I'm a mish-mash of fresh-distressed-traditional: I'm "fresh" in that I like having blank space in my LO & sometimes like to use bright colors; "distressed" in that I like grungy papers, realistic-looking elements & some shabby chic stuff; and "traditional" because I like to use paper-looking elements & chipboard elements at times.

Angsty! I'll have to keep an eye out for that. I don't think I've seen any yet but it sure sounds interesting.

I see a lot of a mishmash of styles even within the same kit ... some have sticker-style flowers right next to real-looking flowers, and I can't help but wonder whether that looks good. But it looks fine in the preview! So maybe I just don't know how to put them together yet. smiley

I think I'm mostly traditional, with a leaning towards distressed. I have dreams of being "fresh," but I know that's not really in my heart and I have to force it out of my brain, if that makes sense. smiley

But Marisa, you make Traditional Distressed look so good!

I think my style is a mix, but in almost all my layouts the blending comes back. I love blending.

I've been and still am all over the map. I tend to like the more traditional layout style, even pushing it more to victorian or shabby chic, but that doesn't always work for masculine layouts.

Ok not a style...I love looking at the pretty elements. I find it interesting seeing all the wonderful and divergent things people make when they start out with the same elements, kit, or challenge. I like to collect my favorite elements. But for me it is like having beautiful unused fabric for a
quilt I hope to make, because when I go to create a page for a book. I prefer simple, classic, minimalism, like a large photo on an empty page with a simple light or dark background. Occasionally I'll use words to denote location or date. Occasionally I'll create a background from elements from photos taken at the same time.

Of the four choices you gave above, I guess "Fresh" is the closest.

I think i have a fresh style!

I like all of it. Colors really affect my tastes. I like rich colors, but not loud colors. I like clusters, but not busy looks like little micro patterns too much. I guess I just know what I like when I see it.
This morning I attempted playing with light. I was going for a fantasy twilight scene. I owe Christine Smith credit for her light tutorial and Hawkmont for his glow tutorial & moon brushes & Obsidian Dawn for her star brush.

I don't know how to make the picture show. Sorry. Maybe it is because I don't have upload access, but I don't know for sure because this isn't the gallery and I was thinking upload access was for only the gallery. I don't know?????

Depends on what type of book I am making and for who its for!

I just do whatever I feel like in the moment or what works for that project. I do lean toward the art journal/grunge/distressed look but I also like clean, open spaced ones too. I'm sort of all or nothing but not much in between!!!

I'd guess a mix between traditional and distressed. I'm hoping to branch out a little with the digital scrapping, so maybe my taste will change!

@Shiree: I also don´t know why it doesn´t appear. I tried to check if there was a problem on the code, but I haven´t found nothing. Well, here is the link for the picture:


I guess I'm closest to the grungy classification, but what I really love is finding realistic paint smears, gesso bubble wrap textures, and all the other things you'd normally find in a paper art journal. I'm in love with everything Tangie Baxter and Rosey Posey make. Their papers and elements are so realistic that I literally would not be able to tell the difference between a digital page made with their supplies and a real life, 3D page.

I don't really consider what I do to be a true scrapbook though, even though I often use pictures from my life on my pages and journal about my day.

I guess I am "fresh"- as I've turned into a simplest over the past few years, just trying to get the pages done and printed~

hmmm, though I have really just started I would have to say I'd fall under the distressed category.

I am a mix of styles
Traditional - lots of layers, chipboard elements, sticker elements, paper-looking elements
Distressed - sort of shabby chic, grungy papers, realistic-looking elements

I am new to this myself but have already found myself gravitating towards the distressed look stuff. Who knows where I will end up. I may just have to dabble a bit with everything.

Not sure about a style, but I think we all have what the reality competitions call a "signature". Mine is I can't make one without a quote.

Hmm..well I usually end up having a page that is either shabby chic or with a steam punk vibe..

I don't think I have one style. It depends on what I'm scrapping. I love doing vintage style pages but I like all the other styles too!

Unsure at the moment... I like collages, and photo displays. I tend to go for the lovey-dovey, romantic prints, or fresh and fun stuff.

I start a layout thinking traditional and it soon wanders into fresh and distressed. I just kind of go where my mood takes me that day. I may start with a kit, but then, unless it is for CT, I start wandering in my stash. So I am traditional/fresh/distressed. It suits my disorganized way of doing things!

If I had to say, it would be a mix of Traditional and Distressed with a smidgen of fresh thrown in there, too.