Where am I allowed to post my website link?

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Where am I allowed to post my website link?

I've just published my website! Is there a specific place to post the link? smiley


Hey Sarah: There are two places you can share if it's a blog... one is here in this post that Marisa started. smiley And the other is on your user page profile by clicking on the arrow by your name at the top right hand corner then on that page click edit profile over on the left under your name and photo. You can add your blog and website. If it's a website (and not a blog) I would probably not put it in that thread that Marisa started since it says blogs... But people know to go look for your info under your profile so that's the best place so everyone can find you outside of PS. smiley

Thanks Shawna! smiley

Every one that makes a clever comment on the site I use to open their profile and "spy" on their links. So I guess the profile is your best bet! People can also check your site if they like something you post in your gallery if the link is there...

@Sarah: You're MOST welcome! smiley

@Lorien: I do the exact same thing. I'm always checking out people's profiles to read up and get to know them and see what they do outside of our little home here. smiley