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Great question! I am at my best friends house for Thanksgiving smiley

I am at a store up by Estes Park in Colorado (USA). I don't know what the name of the store is though. They had some really neat and unique things there. We just happened to be driving up that way one day. Like many of you say, this is one of my few better pictures of myself, but still not good. I am not at all photogenic!

I like knowing where everyone else is too. I am surprised at how many people from other countries are here, it is so cool!

Don't know if you really want to know...
In my bathroom, making a picture of my new hairdress...

Mine was taken outside of my church.

Hi - there's not much background to mine either but it is in my garden late last summer and I think it was supposed to be a picture of my hair to send to my Mum as it had recently been recoloured but the colours did not show so well. As a rule I take the pictures and do not appear in them smiley

This picture was took in a bird park smiley I went there with my bf last year on my birthday...

Interesting to read everyone's!

Mine was taken in a park, under a pavilion in Cedar City, Utah at a little mini 10 year High School Reunion with my good friends this past fall. The man in the picture behind me is my husband. They say behind every great man is a great woman. The saying goes the other way too. smiley

that's a good question, mine was taken on my wedding day, at the local zoo smiley I know, we married at the zoo.

In my living room. Pretty boring.

But I will agree, the 'mountains' in New England are really just hills. smiley

Just uploaded a picture of...yes...me. That's my dear hubby Drew at my side. We are outside of a country church having just experienced our nephew's wedding. And yes, it was a few years ago but it's one of my favorites. It was either that or a wedding picture from 29 years ago. smiley

I like the yellow on your shirt Elizabeth!

And, no matter how old/new your picture are, real life pictures help this forum to be a community smiley Mine also isn´t that new, lol... I guess it was taken almost 3 years ago... But I more or less look like that today :p

At my dinertable, drinking a cup of tea, my daughter took the picture

Meridy - LOL!

Mine is at the old Tanjung Pagar Railway Station in Singapore, my hometown. The building is about a hundred years old, dating back to the British colonial days. For decades, by some strange arrangement the station and the land belonged to neighbouring Malaysia, where i'm living now. In the middle of last year, the station and land were officially handed over to Singapore. Before the official ceremony, EVERYONE went down to the station with their cameras to capture the architecture with its British colonial charm, before the profit-driven developers of Singapore got their hands on it and turned it into some glitzy cash-churning machine...

(Hope the photo linking works, this is the left side of the double-spread i made of the event.)

Mine was taken 40 years ago in Switzerland. It is one of my favourite pictures of my childhood because of the colours in it. Especially the red tulips and the yellow suit I am wearing. My mum did nearly all my children cloths for me and she always used very cool colours. I am so glad to have inherited some of her creative talent. smiley

I was at work in the break room. smiley

My two little girls were in Taiwan when the photo was taken. It was their first trip on the aeroplane.. First time experiencing cool weather (Dec) compared to all year summer in Singapore, and also their first time (and only time coz Singapore is seriously too hot!) wearing sweaters I've sewn for them! It was my first trip with the girls too. Many firsts!~

I love Taiwan!

I was sitting at a fountain in Washington D.C. last spring during a family trip there. I think my daughter took the photo. I am usually behind the camera, not in front of it!

I was in my sister's back yard at my dad's 70th birthday party. It was originally a picture of me, my dad and sister that i cropped so i could have a recent picture of me for it.

Mine was taken home (I think...) smiley

Bosphorus/Istanbul. We were rent a boat with friends to watch the sunset view and to have some drinks.

Like Judy, Shelly, and so many of us, there aren't a lot of pictures of me. I used to joke that the reason I bought expensive cameras was so that I could stand behind them instead of in front of them. But I had a new manager who insisted that I e-mail a photo to him to go into a book for his secretary. I didn't have a recent photo, so hubby and I went downtown and I sat on a bench outside the public library with my laptop to see if their new Wi-Fi signal could be picked up from outside the building. Hubby walked across the street and took a couple of pictures of me sitting on the bench.

@Elsi: I can relate.... I hate having my picture taken. I'd rather be the one behind the camera. My mother hates having her picture taken, too. Probably the only thing I have in common with her. LOL

It's hard to see the background in mine, but we were heading to KS for Christmas at my mother-in-law's home. We stopped at Pizza Hut in Guthrie and my husband took my picture, telling me he couldn't believe how young I looked. (I was 41 when it was taken; 43 now.)

Im in my room, in front of my computer.

@Lisa Z: You really doesn´t look like 41 in the picture, but younger smiley

This is me teaching a Lego birthday party at work! I have an awesome job. smiley

Mine was taking in my old bedroom before an evening out smiley

I just changed my profile picture so I thought I would comment here again. This picture of me was taken by a railroad bridge in my home town.

This is such a brilliant thread! Love it!
I am in the (almost) middle of Sweden, in the countryside near a town called Karlstad.
It was taken by a friend of mine while we were visiting her family a gorgeous summer three years ago.
Can't see much of it though but it was breathtaking!