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@Dana: Married at the zoo? How cool is that? What city was it?

Mine was taken at church after my youngest grandchild got baptized. We took tons of family photos and i loved this one of hubby and myself. Like many of you I am usually the one behind the camera. Seldom like photos of myself

Well I think you are beautiful with or without hair. People who post negative comments should take a close look at themselves. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Mine was taken at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. I was on my honeymoon smiley So it isn't a real recent photo, but not too old.

Mine was taken in my bedroom when I lived in North Carolina. I wish I had some cool explanation but I don't lol.

@Kaleena I love that photo of you!

Thanks Janet smiley

Hello, this is a bit of fun.

My photo is taken at Coogee Beach in Sydney after having breakfast with my son.

So lovely to read about you all! It is so cool to learn what is behind the photo.

@christine That's awful of them. Hope they lose their hair! Even eyebrows and nosehair!

I agree, this is a good question.

Im actually at a Koi (carp) and shark store. Theyre separated by size. Im holding a glassful of pellets to feed them. The food serves as the entrance fee. Enterprising of the owner huh.

Mine is a pic of my baby boy the day he was finally able to suck his thumb! He had been trying for weeks but didn't have the muscle control to single out just his thumb. He couldn't stop smiling! ! smiley

Mine (in the red dress) was taken in glenelg, Adelaide, at the Stamford Grand in the corridor at my yr 12 formal, in 2007. I'm thinking of changing it though, probably to one taken last week of me at a local Dam near where I live. It's beautiful there.

In the bathroom of my old apartment after seeing Josh Radin in concert (circa October 2008).

Im in my room/studio, "warehouse". My mom nicknamed it that cuz it tends to be on the messy side.

Mine was taken by my son in the living room of the house we were living in at the time. He was maybe 9 & had gotten ahold of my camera, good thing though since I rarely ever let anyone take pictures of me. smiley

Fun! I'm holding my Vivi in front of a mirror at our house during her 3 month photo shoot.
I was making funny faces trying to get her to be happy and the photographer got this shot. I kinda love it.

@Tiffany I love this photo of you and your daughter. Your technique definitely works on me as I smile almost every time I see it pop up somewhere! smiley

This was really fun to read through, even if your pic was taken a few years ago somewhere in your house.

Kind of like mine, taken 3 years ago, by my husband, just after a haircut/color, in my living room in Boston.

Hi, in my photo I was at Whipsnade Zoo in England.
I remember we were not far from the tiger enclosure and Rob was taking photos and snapped this one.
I Love animals and photography, we have a membership and try to go as often as we can x

My kitchen. Pathetic, I know...

I'm with you, Glenda... my kitchen. But my big ol' head takes up the whole thing, so you can't see anything else. :p

Being paranoid, mine is a pretty old photo. Taken in front of the first home I lived in, one my dad built in the country. Won't tell you what year but we had an outhouse and our water supply came from a bucket dipped into a well hole off a porch joined to the house. We moved into town a few months after it was taken.

My bathroom. Haha.

My kitchen. All my interesting-background pictures are old at this point D:

It´s been almost an year since this version of PS Started! As some of you had changed avatars in the last weeks, I deceided to change mine too. It´s a very recent picture, taken on my road trip. It was taken at a place called Santuário do Caraça in Minas Gerais, Brazil. I loved those purple flowers, so took my own pictures. The people who was traveling with me don´t like too much to take people´s pics, just landscape ones, so must of pics of myself I took on the trip was taken by me, in the teenager-like way of holding the camera as far as you can reach and blinding-shot...

You look beautiful, Lórien - nice pic! smiley

I noticed the new pic yesterday! I've been thinking about changing mine, but I have yet to take one that I think is as good. I have small eyes and so they often get lost to the shadows of my face, but with my current one you can tell I have eyes...

I have the same issue as you have Marisa! I don´t feel comfortable yet to show a real picture of me, bu, I think my choice of Avatar-picture still say a lot about me

This is a great topic! I have enjoyed reading them too. Marisa, I love your picture with such a big smile. Every time I see it I smile too and sometimes it's like whatever you are saying on the topic the smile is real, along with your words. I am not explaining that very well but maybe you can figure it out.

My photo is in my bedroom and I am not sure I should say this but I took the picture of myself trying to look hot for my husband as I had long hair down to my waist for 20 years and had just recently had it cut short.

Thanks ladies!

Marisa, did you know that, one of the self portraits I took on the same series of this avatar, I more or less look like you on your current avatar? When I saw that pic, the first thing that I thought was "well, I have something in common with Marisa" :p