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I'm in New York for the National Stationery Show in my avatar. Can you see the potty behind me? That was in the loft that I rented. I love New York!

Brenda, what you said was a hoot! I'm all about hot photos for Significant Others smiley

I'm at the Georgia Ren Festival.

What a great topic. I had fun reading about where everyone was and realizing how many people we have from all over the world that come together to talk and scrap.

I hated my original avatar so I recently changed mine. My current avatar shows me para sailing with my best friend in Hawaii last April.
It was so exhilarating and exciting. You can decide how high you want to go- we went as high as humanly possible-- the whole 1000 ft and for the entire 12 minutes. While we were on that vacation we had each picked a "bucket list" item to do. Hers was the para sailing. A few days later right before flying back home I fulfilled one of my bucket list items by swimming with a dolphin. I have the video and pictures to prove it.

So that is my avatar story. Oh-- and I am the redhead (the one on the left with her mouth open screaming with pure joy)

Renae-- I would have never noticed the potty in the picture. All anyone will see are your big beautiful eyes. Such a lovely picture. smiley

I just changed my avatar today. It was taken while my husband, children and I were on the ferry boat going from Mackinaw City, Michigan to Mackinac Island! It was the kids and MY first ever visit there, and our first ever ride on a ferry boat like that! We had such a good time! Although I am wearing my sunglasses, and you can't see as much of my face, I am SO HAPPY and having SO MUCH FUN in this picture that it will probably be my avatar for while. smiley

Speaking of avatar pictures, Marisa, I LOVE your new picture! You look lovely in it!

Thanks! Just changed to a photo taken last weekend at the pumpkin patch.

On the beach in the Dominican Republic, where we got married.

This avatar photo is of my family: Phil, me, my sister Lisa
Krillin, Miaka, Kenshin
It was taken outside our library, by my friend, and it was the first time I'd hired someone to take our picture. I really like the white shirts with jeans, and my kids are all wearing the necklaces that my husband bought for them while he was attending a Boy Scout camp as a leader (along with our boys).

mine is in the barbecue area at mums place ....BORING! BUT its in paradise, I can say that much lol

@Julie: Your kids names are great smiley You must be a great anime lover smiley

New profile picture taken on Monday - we went and had the photographer who took my bridal pictures and the ones on our wedding day take our pictures again - this photo is in her studio. I like to have pictures taken around our anniversary so October or November. The first two years we were married we lived in Georgia and had someone else take them. They were great pictures but I don't LOVE them like I LOVE the ones that Jami takes smiley if you are like me and just like to look at pictures you can see the rest here (all are unedited atm)

Disney baby !!!


nice pictures Kaleena

I'm at a family party and my oldest daughter took this one of me and my youngest daughter smiley

Well mine is not of me. I am not quite that old. It's a photo of a relative of mine from my fathers side of the family named Harriett. She reminds me of my grandma and there is something about her face that just speaks to me.

I struggled with the decision to use my photo as I never like a photo of myself. My avatar is a crop from a photo my daughter snapped of me and my hubby sitting in our living room.

Mine was taken during a trip to Virginia several years ago - at Cold Harbor - a Civil War site.

mine is taken in Paris, on my honeymoon! April 2011

I use this avatar all over digi-land. I paid bucks to have MUJKA make this for me. I think it is a good representation of my face. I like it and have been using it since November 2008.

Mine's not very exciting. In my bedroom in Ascot, England.

I'm in Myrtle Beach for mine & my FIL's birthday.

My husband bought me a new zoom lens for my camera and surprised me with it on the first night at the beach. Ironically, my avatar was taken with my phone. I had to get a pic of me with my new lens first, then I could start using it, lol! smiley

I am in my basement, and it is a picture I took for my project page for the knitted scarf I am wearing.

Mine is just a simple selfie in my old bathroom. smiley

I'm nowhere ... it's my late kitten Tigger, Tiggy for short .... I don't have a photo of myself at the moment ... I tend to be camera shy .... my fear is that nobody will know what I look like when I'm gone !

Mine is taken at my desk right after I got my puppy (he's now almost 10 months old).

Mine was taken a few months ago at a craft class I was tutoring, I HATE having my picture taken.

Mine was take in India - about 7 years ago. smiley Between always being the one behind the camera, and setting up my account from a different computer than usual, I had limited options to choose from. But I look pretty much the same now.

during a short vacation in Bacolod City, Philippines
I was inside The Ruins, an old mansion burned down during World War 2.
It was such a beautiful day! smiley Here's a photo of the outside:

My avatar photo was taken a couple of years ago on my birthday. I'm sitting on the couch with my two girls - my youngest has her arm around me.

Mine was taken this past December. We were at our son's house as they had just brought home a brand new grandson. I was actually holding him in this picture, but cropped it to use as an avatar