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These are so interesting to read. I'm joining the boring crowd though with mine...hehe. My dining room on an ordinary day. After snappin' some shots of my youngest daughter, I turned the camera on myself. smiley

Mine was just in my dining room smiley

My daughter actually took my avatar picture when she was about three years old!

Mine is at Cape Disappointment in Ilawaco, Washington. I am actually in front of an old military bunker. The view was awesome.

on vacation in hamburg smiley

mine was taken with Photo Booth on my Mac, my granddaughter and I spent an entire afternoon playing with the different photo effects as we took dozens and dozens of photos

My avatar is kind of a joke. smiley It's a modified selfie I took last year. I'm an avid LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) player and with our kin, we had a forum set up for meetings, raids, events and general chat, so I needed an avatar for the site. I used my human head with the body of one of my hobbit game character, smiley then added the starry background to it. So I call this avatar my bobble head! smiley

I used to do a little modeling, and my avatar is a pic taken when I was modeling smiley

I am in my living room, and my daughter took the picture.

Mine is a cropped version of my About.Me background photo, I created the background digitally using resources from the time I was a Deviant Art member, the pic is actually a self portrait. I used to do a lot of self-portraits for digital photo-illustration, it was easy because I had a camera with a remote control, but now that I need to use the timer it is awkward to just keep running away from my tripod smiley

My avatar is a compilations of a few favorite snapshots of myself. I love my dreadlocks and I feel it is what really defines me, so I used the shots that I think they look the best in. One is from Halloween, one is from a camping trip I took with my husband, and the last is the night we finished my hair.

I have no idea! While going through pics of my mom to gather for her memorial service, I became aware of how many pics of her were taken in a field, even though I'd seen many of those pics before. That's her holding me when I was a little snippet of a girl. Always loved that pic.


In my Avatar we are in my kitchen and my daughter wanted a pic of her and her dad and I photo bombed it they did get one without me though so sad! LOL

Though the 'background' on my avatar is pretty much... well, my hair, I'm actually in a coffee shop playing with my iPod (probably playing Fish with Attitude). My best friend is an amateur photographer and takes pictures whenever the mood strikes her, and I guess she thought this moment was a perfect photo opportunity, so she took it! I didn't even know until I heard the iPhone shutter noise.

My photo is at a Yule celebration at my church several years ago when my now almost 6 year old was only 2 months old. Background is kinda boring because the focus was on my little one.

My one was before going to a party in Cartagena, Colombia.

I am with my husband in Branson, Mo. We try to get away for a weekend twice a year without any kids! We don't do the show circuit, but we love going to the shops and enjoying the beautiful nature areas.

Mine is at Castlefest, a big medieval festival in the Netherlands smiley Lots of fun!!

My avatar was taken during a modeling session for my portfolio smiley It was something I did on a whim, and never did again, lol.

Mine isn't anywhere exciting, but the pink teddybear with me has represented me in various scrapbooking forums and other online profiles for about 10 years now!

Mine was taken on an epic night out with my besties... love love love!!

Mine isn't of me, but it was taken by me. It's a flower in the Chicago Botanical Gardens the first time I was there with my now-hubby.

Took my avatar photo outside my condo - kind of in the middle of the woods so I always have a nice backdrop for pictures!

My husband and I were at a business called Lets Dish where you assemble freezer meals to eat later. I was very impressed by their long-handled scooper!

My background is not pretty at all, but the photo is a selfie taken in my bathroom a few years ago right after I had my hair highlighted at the beauty salon. The bathroom lighting was the best in my house at the time. It's the last picture of myself that I like so that is why I still use it.

Of course thats not me! I took that pic because I think I love fungi! The pic was taken in Costa Rica where I live.
I tried to use a pic of myself but for some reason when I tried it kept turning me upside down!

Mine was taken at Camp Cottaquilla, our local girl scout camp while our troop was camping (and I made the shirt the little one is wearing).

I'm standing in my backyard taking a snapshot of my dogs while my son's girlfriend holds their leashes, keeping Loki in line for the picture.

Mine was taken at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. I'm actually holding my son, who was a baby at the time, he's six now. It's one of the few pictures of me that I really like so I frequently use it as an avatar picture.

I'm at my brother's wedding.