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I am out walking our border collies with my son Callum (in the pic with me) it was a very wet day and we goat absolutely soaking wet. But its one of my favourite pictures of the two of us. We get a lot of rain here in South Wales so I don’t mind walking in the rain, we get to jump in muddy puddles

Since mine is not an actual photo i made it for a challenge and just use it

Mine's not a good picture at all, because I don't have many of myself on my computer! (I'm always the one TAKING the pics!) But it's taken in Point Judith, RI (Port of Galilee), on the ferry, just before my husband and I went to Block Island for the day!

Out on my deck at home this summer. Enjoying the summer days here in the Pacific NW before we get our usual Washington rain (which I have to admit, I love). Couldn't find any recent pics of myself either!

I just changed mine--didn't like the Point Judith one! The current one is taken on our anniversary about three years ago, I think. (Just happened to have it on the computer, and there's not many of me I like, since I'm ususally the one *taking* the pics! I'm not exactly sure of the name of the restaurant, but it's something to the effect of "The Old Mill," in the Worcester, MA area.

Mine is cropped from one of my engagement photos! smiley

mine is taken in our front room(old house!) watching t.v with my boy(Jasper) asleep,if he could jump in my skin i think he would LOL smiley

My avatar is actually some art I commissioned from one of my favorite artists on Deviant Art. I had her turn me into a leopard demon similar to the demon creatures she likes to draw. Some people say I'm kind of cat-like. I say if I'm cat-like, I must be one naughty kitty. So it makes sense to me. smiley

My youngest was only about 7 months in this pic - she is now almost 3! So it's an old pic, but one of my faves. I miss the days of carry her in the stretch harness, but she is still my little koala girl -x- My three eldest were attending a "Fun Run with Thomas the Tank Engine" in a small rural township about 40 minutes from our home.

LOL Selfie in my kitchen right before a party we threw haha

It´s been a while since I updated my profile and changed my profile picture. This was taken last month in a Paulista Avenue´s restaurant we use to go every January 3rd to celebrate Tolkien Birthday Toast and shows my new haircut smiley

I'm walking on Cocoa Beach, in Florida. It was taken while on vacation in Jan 2015.

My picture was taken in my parents' dining room after I got my hair cut about a year ago.

I was on a cruise! I liked it because it has a plain background and nice lighting.

I was at a small Puerto Rican restaurant in the Orlando area called Tropico Mofongo. My family and I were at a convention and I was SO tired, hungry, and a bit sunburned.

P.S.: The food there is AMAZING!

I'm at home. It was right after I had my waist-long hair turned into a pixie cut. I was not loving how it turned out so I took a few photos to see if I could make a nice picture of myself, one that would make me feel good. It worked.

My hair touches the top of my shoulders now so I'm probably due for a new one.

I am taking a selfie in my office at work. I am behind the door so I don't look like a weirdo if anyone passing by sees me. lol

This is one of my favorite avatar photos to use. I'm part of a group of race fans who call ourselves the "Bamabuds". We meet every fall & attend the Talladega Nascar race. There's another lady who attends every year who also loves photography. Each year, we make sure we take a picture like this. I have alteast 9 of them so far. This is from several years back as I have since upgraded my camera... and put on about 50 lbs. smiley

The photo was taken in the winter. Was the day I felt wonderful and I thought I times a Selfie.

In front of my bedrom door on my way to bed after a huge fun party smiley

I am at a favorite camping spot near a lake. It was a rare beautiful day in March, I had just finished coaching another fun but tiring speech season, and my granddaughter was messing around with my camera. I felt so good because we were able to get out and go camping so early in the season.

Taken at the pool at our apt complex last summer. smiley Me and my baby.

My avatar is myself & my baby girl Mia at 3 months old (she is now 5 months as I write this!) - with Snapchat's floral crown filter on, of course smiley My shop, MAMI Design Co, is inspired by this baby girl & every purchase goes directly towards supporting her smiley It's just wild how quickly they grow!

My profile pic is from a friend's wedding. I was a bridesmaid, and since I had gotten all dolled up for the event, I took the opportunity to have family pictures taken afterward. I'm wearing my little ginger baby in my favorite woven wrap, inspired by the Legend of Zelda. I actually wore my baby during the wedding as well, and since the wedding was teal and silver, the wrap matched perfectly!

Just a random selfy taken in my parents' back yard in my case. This pic is about 5 years old. Maybe I should get a new favorite pic?

Mine is pretty self explanatory. My 16 year old son has Autism. I am keen on helping people become aware of the disorder and how hugely different each person can be.

Roy and I are in DC in our picture. We vacationed there this summer! Stayed in National Harbor, MD. It was an awwesome adventure! I'd always wanted to visit the capital!

My avatar is a photo of my kitty. . .I use it for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is really easy for me to find my posts and honestly this is the only avatar that I have ever used!!! Second, Buddy was the cutest kitty around. . .I lost him last year and this avatar just keeps him in my heart smiley

I was at a beautiful B&B in South Padre Island, TX. My son got married there and we had the entire B&B for 4 days. It is single story, Spanish style architecture with all of the rooms surrounding the pool and fountain in the center.

I would love to go back there but it was sold and is now a drug treatment center called Origins which is often seen on the Dr Phil show.

That is a sweet car Vanessa! I'm so jealous! Wow.

My pic is of my oldest son and I at one of his wrestling matches a couple years ago.