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I am sitting in front of my PC and just smiling smiley

Mine was taking when I was getting ready for our school auction. I was waiting on my friends to be ready and I had my phone.. always ends badly! LOL. I was in my living room.

in my bathroom

I was at a co-worker's bridal shower. It was part of a group photo, and I cropped it down to just me!

Mine was taken at home with SnapChat--LOVE me some SnapChat. Hahaha!!

I was in my living room (I think) hanging out with a couple of my best friends. One of the found the bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail plushy that I have and plopped it on top of my head. My other friend then took a picture of it. That is all completely normal behaviour for my friends and me.

At my son's house where we gathered for Thanksgiving. I guess it's obvious I cropped everyone out except my Mom smiley

I am pretty proud of my Avatar photo. This photo was taken Christmas Day 2016. I am the short one in the middle~ (I think I am pretty average for a girl, but my boys and husband (not pictured) makes me look like a midget. So not fair). Anyway, My oldest (not in uniform) became an Assistant Manager last year for a retail chain and "NO DAYS OFF" for holidays. He surprised me for Christmas Morning and it was one of two of the best gifts I received this year. The second is my youngest son (in uniform).... I was really down this Thanksgiving/Christmas being alone for the first time. My husband was off working in Corpus at the Oil Refinery, my oldest-well they don't get to take off and he's been working Thanksgiving for the last 6 years. My youngest, just joined the Army and I was told he would not be coming home till after the first of the year when he completes training. However, they were given HBL for 2 weeks for Christmas in between Basic and AIT training and this MOM was EXCITED! So.... this is a photo of me with both my boys home for Christmas.

smiley YOUR HAIR!


I use the picture I have because I love cats...and the kitten my son had was fun to take pictures of, and her little paw couldn't resist touching me...so that's the story behind it...kitten passed, it broke son's heart but he passed in 2015, so now they are reunited...at "Rainbow Bridge" but kitten was so cute that darling son called her "Puma." It suited her perfectly!

Mine was taken at a huge group gathering. The suffed animal is a fun part of that group.

Mine was taken with the LST 325 in the background. We had just finished the tour. LST 325 Memorial website

In a long boat going down a canal in Bangkok, Thailand

@Beth & Michelle: Very cool pic locations!!! smiley

I'm pretty sure I was waiting in the car for one of my kids to get out of practice. Pretty boring.

Certainly nowhere fancy like some of these ladies! I was simply standing in front of my balcony door for the best selfie lighting smiley

My avatar photo was taken on my 50th birthday at a wonderful seafood restaurant in Rivera, TX It's been 9 years and a few pounds since then, but I still look pretty much the same lol

Hah, I asked my husband to take this photo for a simple reason - profile picture from 2 years ago. Behind me was our fridge actually, but I really liked the lighting so I just removed our fridge.

My boyfriend and I did a photoshoot at the old, haunted insane asylum on the University of Alabama campus, and I'm posing on the front porch hahahaha