Where do you live?

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Where do you live?

This may have been done before sorry.
I live in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I live in Dover, Delaware but was born in North Carolina

hope to someday travel to Australia.

I live in Umeå, in a landscape called Västerbotten in the north of Sweden

I'm in Southern Indiana. And praying for those in Illinois and Indiana to stay safe from all this Tornado activity today. Had to call off church, as it's 45 mins to travel to, and there have been tornadoes in the area on the ground, between us and them.

@Liz Overfield: praying you stay safe.

Cathy, we had a topic like that, but it was really long ago - I can´t find it anymore.

I´m from São Paulo, the biggest town in Brazil.

@Laura, aw, I haven´t heard of these tornadoes. Stay safe everybody.

I live in Sumner, Washington. It is about 30 miles south of Seattle.

I live in Duluth, Ga, a suburb of ATL. I have family in Roanoke, IL and I'm hoping that they're fine.

Sweden, I never thought about visiting there but now I'll be googling with a trip on my mind.

Don't know much about tornados except I don;t want to be in or near one, stay safe.

My friend lived in Brazil and had the most wonderful marble tables shipped home when she came back.

Don't know anything about Washington except movies.

Have some good friends in Atlanta 1 lived in Duluth but he's passed on now.

I live in Concord, New Hampshire, our state capital.

Marystown, Newfoundland, Canada! smiley

Very close to Nova Scotia in the grand scheme of things lol

PS: Newfoundland is the most irish place in the world, outside of Ireland! woot!

I live in Corvallis, Oregon.

I live in the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand ...more commonly known as Paradise ...giggles

New Hampshire is nice kinda like Nova Scotia.

I really have to check out NFLD so close, and now you say it's " the most irish place in the world, outside of Ireland"

Don't know anything about Oregon, except this site.

I dated a guy from New Zealand when I was young LOL only to hear him talk

Hi, I live in England (UK)
we currently live in a village there called Duston which is in Northampton.
Our house overlooks a bowling green and in the summer we sometimes watch the teams play and also the cricketers on the field behind them.
its not far from some fields which is great for our mad spaniel Poppy and also the wildlife smiley
it can get quite hectic in the town itself but there's lots to do and see.

I live in Long Beach, California smiley

Fort Worth, Texas - LOVE it here! (Except the summer heat!)

Clyde Park Montana... very small town of 250ish people. The biggest draw here is we're about 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park

Just was in England the end of Sept, loved it.

I know the sun shines all the time in California but is it humid?

I know people in San Antonio Texas but never got to visit them there only in Florida & Nova Scotia.

Don't know anything about Montana

I live in a small city in Belgium smiley

Here is the original thread. Nice pictures in it! smiley

Oh, and I am from the Philippines and we recently had a super typhoon (Haiyan) which damaged a large part of Eastern Philippines (not where I live).

Really great pictures, thanks

I live in a small town in New Mexico on the Texas/NM state line.

My family and I are in upstate NY a small tiny 5 minute town called Union Springs. The community it great and is gorgeous in the summer time.

I live up in Northern New England closeish to Concord...although I am in the more rural parts of the state...we don't even have a Target lol

Haha Amber, that's the majority of the state! smiley

Yes it pretty much is...short of the 91 corridor of Concord, Manchester, Nashau...that is were we go if we want to go shopping or get something done or pretty much anything lol...its gotten to were we think nothing of a 1 hour drive to go to target (although I usually have to have some other excuse too because I end up spending way to much money at Target lol).

Northeast Kingdom.....Vermont

I live in the northeast corner of South Carolina, almost on the North Carolina border.

Crumbs!!!! Wheres the rest of us Brits???? I live in Birmingham in the UK. Second largest city in England. Although I like it here I would trade it in to live somewhere where the sun shines more often