Where in the world are you?

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I live on the coast in the UK near Land's End.

I was born and raised in a small town in New Hampshire, USA but I'm currently living in Jacksonville, North Carolina, just 10 miles off the coast of the ocean!

Here's the gazebo on the bay about a mile from my apartment

Sunrise at the beach!

And the pier at the beach

@Sharilynn Marie: What part of NH?

Metro Manila, Philippines smiley
currently "summer" 36 celsius

I was born in Nashua, lived in Wilton until I was 8, lived in Milford until I was 16 and until age 21 I lived all around the Henniker area (Hillsborough, Weare, Manchester, Goffstown, etc). I've lived all over New Hampshire.

Ah, southern NH. I lived in Londonderry for a few years.

Yup! Doesn't compare to the mountains though! It's always been my dream to live farther up in NH and I'm sure at some point I will. I also love Vermont and Maine and would love to live there as well!

I am in Central Florida. Here is a sunset picture of the lake that is about a block from my house

@Sharilynn: I know what you mean about the mountains - I love mountains... I used to ski & was in the Green Mtn Club back in the day (before back problems), and one of my favorite pastimes was to hike up Mt. Adams in NH or one of the other various mountains in the White Mountains. smiley

As for Maine & Vermont... I've lived in both states. Was in Maine for 10 yrs - my youngest was born there. We really miss it - esp. the ocean. I've lived in VT 3 times now, in different parts of the state, with this stretch being my longest. This time we bought a house, so I hope to be living here a while. My husband's job seems secure, but ya never know... His layoff is what brought us back to VT.