Which zip programme do you use

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Which zip programme do you use


Can you let me know of any good zipping programmes (free hopefully) that you use and would recommend. Thank you.

I use AlZip and WinRAR at the moment. WinRAR has a free trial and I highly recommend WinRAR because you can unzip multiple files at the same time. I don't think ALZip allows you to do so but ALZip is free and still works great!

You can download WinRAR http://www.win-rar.com

And you can get ALZip here!
Make sure you get the product key here so you get the whole version, not just a 60 day trial smiley

I use 7-zip, download here.

Just like Marisa, I prefer 7-zip. Easy to use and completely free.

Thanks, I will go investigate them smiley

After reading what Marisa wrote and checking out 7-zip for myself, I've switched to 7-zip smiley

Dittos on 7-Zip. It's quick and easy and best of all free. smiley

I've been using Winrar for about 8 or 9 years and really like it.

I have both WinZip and 7 Zip. I actually bought WinZip when I accidently had B1 installed and I hated it! I have 7 Zip for .rar files but I wish everyone would go to .zip files as I can preview the zip before extracting.

I too use winrar... have done for years (probably close to ten)... I like it cuz as Sharilynn said it can unzip multiple files at once... question to those who use 7-zip... can you do multiple files on that program... if so I might have to try it out.

Sarah I don't know because that was one of the things that happened when I inadvertantly let B1 Archiver be downloaded on my machine. I actually did not realize that program would take over my zipping/unzipping - I actually was downloading a freebie from someone and I could not download without B1 or that is how it appeared. Well it took all of my downloaded zips and changed them from zip to their B1 zips!! Needless to say it was a MESS!

I don't do multiple files because when all that was happening I ended up with all kinds of files but what made it worse is that if a person zips a bunch of things without zipping it to a file the unzip individually. Then add the fact that a lot of people don't label their pieces to define where it belongs it was a hot mess!!! That happened several months ago and I still have a misc file to try and figure out where the individual items go!

Maybe it is my lack of understanding but after something like what happened - I will never unzip but one at a time....in the end it is way quicker than going through what I did before!

I believe you can unzip multiple zips at once with .7z

I used to use WinRAR but now use 7Zip, as well. smiley Yes, you can unzip multiple files at once with it.

I have used WinRAR for years, more than 10 years now. I know I have used other things in the past, but it has been too many years for me to remember anything except WinRAR.

7zip allows you to open multiple files if you use the file manager. You select the files to unzip and than it opens it one at a time without having to select them again. You can also delete the zipped files after you open them inside of the file manager. Saves a lot of time.

7 zip, although I usually just extract them one by one as I download them.

Janet... it sounds like the ordeal was just aweful... I usually open each zip individually to see if the files are in a folder within the zip and make note of the zips that aren't... then I unzip those archives into folders named after the zip name (winrar allows me to do this automatically) then I just unzip the rest in a big group. I wish folks would label things correctly and zip their files into folders... it's probably the most frustrating thing about digital scrapbooking for me but I try to work around it.

to everyone who answered my question about opening multiple files in 7zip, thank you.

I use 7zip. I found it does the best job and it is free. Just go to download.com on Cnet. Do a search on their site and they will give you the download link.

I use winzip and also 7zip. I just double click on a zip to check for folders inside and if none I use the option to unzip into a folder with the zip name. you can do that with 7zip easily by selecting the option that has the \ . I've used winrar in the past - my partner has it, but I wasn't keen.

My sister uses winuha which is supposed to give way better compression rates, but it can be slow.

7zip for me.

Used to use Winzip, long time ago. Now I use 7-zip.

I like 7-zip. Easy

dont use any program. i just select the things i want to zip up together, then i right click send to (because i use windows) and it makes a zip file of the stuff i selected. i had no idea there was even programs out there!

I use WinRAR smiley & I love it!

Has anyone tired PeaZip? That's what I use to extract rar files (just picked the program at random). Now that I'm getting into blog trains, I am going to explore it in depth and see what all it can do.