Who else wants it snow besides me?

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Who else wants it snow besides me?

I want it to snow, I want to build a nice big snowman this year!

I love love love snow! I always have. It's horrible for driving in, but it makes everything look so pretty and pristine. Not to mention the fact that I can still remember the excitement of snow days from when I was younger. lol. I luckily live in Canada, there isn't usually any shortage of snow in the winter. smiley

I want some snow too, my family and i are planning a trip to the mountains this year (hope it snows) so the kids can play and appreciate a natural beauty, even though we have gone before, they're going to love it now that they're a little bit older.. smiley

The only time it should snow is the 23rd of December and then melt away on the 27th. smiley Unfortunately, we have had snow now for a couple weeks and it doesn't look like its going to melt away soon. Hopefully, a Chinook will come through this week and melt all the snow away. Its kind of hard to get away from the snow at some point when you live in Canada. It does look pretty when its freshly snowed out in the country and it was fun when I was younger and could go out and build snowmen or have snowball fight. smiley

I don't really like snow, maybe because the time we went to the snow my bones were freezing smiley I couldn't handle it, I get cold so easily, my feet and hands are most of the time cold, I really can't stand cold!!!

It's snowed here 5 times since mid-October... Last night's snow actually stuck, though this afternoon it warmed up just enough that it melted. I love snow... I live in snow country, and a lot of our activities in the NEK revolve around snow (skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, etc.). Just thankful we're ready - snow tires are on, snow brushes are out & the snow blower is ready to go!

nooooo ,I hate the snow ,here is England we are so poorly equipped for snow it makes it a nightmare ,my husband is a driver so usually ends up not being able to work therefore we lose wages ,schools close etc etc ,now if we could have snow xmas day then go again that would make me happy smiley

I would like it to snow now! It helps to brighten up our days. The darkness isn´t that intense when we have sonw on the ground. Right now it has been raining for days, it´s wet and dark. So, so dark and boring!

I have never seen snow and building a snowman and having a snowball fight is on my bucket list. Maybe one day we will be able to afford a snow holiday.

I love Snowy Landscapes and it looks so Beautiful in photographs.
Great fun to play in and we do love a good snowball fight or making snow angels etc. Hard work to get on with everyday life in though smiley

I've only been in the snow once! I would love it to snow here ...I would love a white christmas. But its summer now, so christmas day is going to be a day on the beach, again, as usual! ...GREAT FUN ...but snow would be funner!

Janae: I´ve spent Christmas in the sun, at the beach a few times and it´s more "me" than the snow. Conclusion: I live in the wrong place on this earth, I´m supposed to live somewhere else..... how did that happen?!

wow I am having a lot of laughs tonight reading the posts! Jennica how about a house swap for christmas? ...only thing you have to do is work for me while you're here lol so I can cover my shifts ...beach is just down the road ...5 more inside a 15 min walk or drive and waaay more if you drive not much further ...sold you yet? lol

I was born and raised in New Hampshire, only spending 1 winter out of "snow territory" ... and while snow is beautiful for the first handful of times at the beginning of the season, I don't particularly care for the 30" snow storms we get frequently lol! I missed snow last winter and I'm looking forward to the first couple of inches this season but after Christmas I'm all set with snow.

I LOVE snow! It is so fun. When I first met my neighbors that live on the bottom floor of our building she was outside playing in the snow with her kids and I was outside playing in the snow by myself (I have no kids) because truth is I will always be a kid - even when I am 90 if my parents aren't here on earth they will still be my parents which means I will still be a kid.

The day I met my neighbor she took these pictures for me:

I love snow!

I always want it to snow. Here in Portland we are so ill equipped that snow leaves to city shutdown, and news 24/7.

Janea: What is your line of work?

I looooove snow! Unfortunately we don't get it often, though last Winter was a good one. Let's hope this Winter will give us lots of snow too.
Having said that, I'm flying to London on Dec 5th, to do some serious Christmas Shopping, and I don't want the weather to be so bad that flights are being cancelled! To be in London (my favourite city of all) with snow, would be the ultimate dream come true, but only if the airport is clean and with good flying conditions smiley

I could wish for it all I wanted, but I'm definitely not getting any where I live in California. I grew up with snow in Wisconsin, but I actually don't really miss it too much. If I really wanted some I could drive a few hours up into the mountains. smiley

I LOVE snow. I grew up in Colorado. I live in Western Washington now. We don't get much, but we love it when we do. Like Kimberly said about Portland, when we get any snow or hint of it, it becomes a major dramatic news story and things shut down. After twenty years of living here it still makes me laugh when school is cancelled because of a dusting.

I love to see the snow, but just not where I am photos are fine by me

Love love love the snow - I am like a kid and go rushing out dancing as the flakes fall. I grew up in Wales where we get some snow most years but I've lived most of my adult life in London where I have to admit the snow is not much fun - it gets dirty too quick and causes too much chaos. Three years ago we moved out into the English countryside and now I can really enjoy it again. I love the silence a heavy fall brings and the way a community will pull together checking on each other and clearing paths. It is so pretty and I adore snowmen! Antoinette I will tell it to hold off till you've done your shopping but then I shall be hoping for a white Christmas smiley

Love the snow...it's the cold that comes along with it I don't like!

My kids and I love snow! I still get excited when I look out and see those big white drops falling. We actually have a little snow now and low 20's temps. I think this will be the first Thanksgiving my youngest 2 kids will have had that they can make a snowball and have a "fight" to celebrate being thankful.

@Dawn: I'm the same way... Right now we're in the midst of 2 snowstorms heading our way. We've gotten some snow the last couple days, but only a few inches here & there. I live out in a rural part of my area, so it's so beautiful... My youngest ran outside this afternoon (no school today - they give the day before Thanksgiving off around here) and was making snowballs & throwing them at the house. LOL