Who have you seen in concert or would like to...

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Who have you seen in concert or would like to...

Hi! I just found out that I'm going to get to see the Backstreet Boys (They're a Boyband for those of you not familiar with them) in concert in August... I'm so very excited!!! I've seen them in concert three times already (I only saw all five members... I didn't go to any concerts when it was just the four of them.) And I saw Nick Carter in concert once... I'm so excited... my family is going to make a day of it and visit Boston for the day and then in the evening I'll go to the concert and my parents will go out to dinner.

So a question to all of you... who have you seen in concert and who would you like to see in concert?

In addition to the Backstreet boys I would love to see Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Leaves' Eyes (all Gothic Rock bands) in concert, but I haven't had the opportunity yet.

Looking forward to hearing who all you have seen or want to see...

I love concerts and have been able to see some great performances. My favorites were (ok, dating myself here, lol) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Neil Young, Queen, Pink Floyd, Rush, Queensryche, The Scorpions and Metallica. My concert going days are pretty much behind me but I would still love to see Tim McGraw, Little Big Town, Nickleback and Lady Antebellum.

I would love to see any of the ones you've seen, especially Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young... and I wish I had had the opportunity to see Queen live when Freddie was still alive! I saw a televised concert of his back when he was still alive and I was blown away by his showman ship... truly a gifted man. Your whole list rocks though... I'm not really into country though, but I would be willing to see Tim McGraw or Lady Antebellum... and Nickleback is a personal favorite... I go through phases where I listen to nothing but their music for weeks... right now my phase is a 30 seconds to Mars phase though... but it was nickleback a few weeks ago...lol.

I've gone to so many concerts I'm not sure I could list them all! And, up until a few years ago, we used to go to this 4-day music festival held ever year in the summer (it started out @ Loon Mtn, but now they hold it at Gunstock Mtn).

Here's a partial list: Squeeze, Joan Jett, Til Tuesday, Katrina & the Waves, Don Henley, The Cure, The Alarm, U2, Boston, Pat Benatar, Def Leppard, Eric Burden & the Animals, The Police, Newsboys, Mercy Me, Superchick, Paul Colman Trio, DC Talk, Toby Mac, FFH, Big Daddy Weave, Rebecca St. James, Nate & James, Steel Guitar festival in Maui, etc.

I once had an opportunity to go see the Rolling Stones & Rush (had a friend who could get me tickets), but my mom said that she'd get them & we'd go together........only she didn't. I was SO bummed.

Mine are a bit dated....Peter, Paul and Mary; SOS (Society of Seven - a group in Hawaii), The Association, Gloria Loring and the best one of all times....Barry Manilow!

I have always wanted to go to a Backstreet Boys concert. So jealous smiley

Been to a few concerts but not in the last 12 months. Seen Deep Purple, Slade, Sad Cafe, Nickleback, Five, Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, Dean Friedman, David Essex, Alvin Stardust, The Osmonds, some I've forgotten and 2 years ago we went to the Princes Trust Rock festival at the Albert Hall with Tom Jones, Status Quo, Brian May, Paloma Faith, Alison Moyet, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Jools Holland, Jamie Cullum plus others but they only played 2-3 songs each. Tom Jones's voice was amazing and he wiped the floor with the others.

I'd like to see some American Country bands like Big and Rich or Toby Keith or Sugarland and I would LOVE to see Muse.

@Janet: I´d love to be in a Peter, Paul and Mary concert!
@Sarah: I didn´t knew that Backstreet Boys still exists...

I´ve never been to a big concert with a international band. I´ve listened to Earth Ensemble once, but it was a small show in an event that there´s in my town yearly, where there are 24h straigth of free happenings. But I´ve been three or four times to the concert of my favorite brazilian pop/rock band, called "Pato Fu", and some other with national groups.

Oh, and totally off-topic, I went to an opera too. It was a fantastic experience! Well, I love classic music...

I have seen: The Moody Blues, The Who, The Pretenders, Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, Matchbox20, Santana, Taking Back Sunday, Poison, Steve Miller, Jefferson Airplane, Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, The Rolling Stones, George Strait, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Throttlebust (my cool friend Bryan's band in Atlanta - you should check them out if you live there), Bon Jovi, Justin Beiber, Hanson, Spice Girls... that is all I can think of really quick - though there are lots more smiley

In July I am going to see New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees & Boys II Men - with my cousin Amanda. It should be great, especially since I am going with Amanda who was New Kid CRAZY (the curtains, the bedspread, the dolls, shoes, toothbrush.... EVERYTHING) when we were younger.

Okay, I am so jealous of anyone that has seen The Cure in concert.

I haven't seen as many bands in concert: Kenny Rogers, Ronny Milsap, Poison, Cinderella, Queensrÿche, Tesla, Metallica, Joan Jett and Aerosmith.

I would love to see Plain White T's, Three Doors Down, Finger Eleven and Godsmack.

@Marisa... if you do ever get the chance to see them live it's totally worth it, they are stellar showmen and their voices sound even better live...

@Lorien... the Backstreet Boys just celebrated their 20th Anniversary in April and I believe all seven of their studio albums have made it to the top ten on the Billboard charts here in the US, even the two they did without Kevin. Kevin's back now though and their new album drops on July 30th I think... I can't wait... it's two days after my birthday so I'm hoping I can convince my Brother and his wife to buy the album for me for my Birthday!

@Dawn... I agree I would love to see Three Doors Down, Finger Eleven and Godsmack live, especially Godsmack... I listen to their stuff all the time... Love his voice!

@Dawn: I was pretty lucky - one of my sorority sisters was into the Cure big-time & introduced me to their music... She, knowing what a music hound I am, dragged me to their concert. We had a ton of fun...

A lot of my concert going days was during college, going with college buddies to concerts. Some were on-campus and others were in Boston (MA), Worcester (MA), Hampton Beach (NH), Loon Mtn or Gunstock Mtn (NH), Laconia (NH), Old Orchard Beach (ME), Civic Center in Portland or Lewiston (ME), Providence (RI), Burlington & Barre (VT), Montreal (Quebec), and at a few coffee houses or churches in New England. The 3-day music festival I talked about earlier (SoulFest) debuted around the time my eldest turned 3 and, up until 4 yrs ago when our vintage camper was totaled, we'd reserve tickets for it every summer (staying in the campground in our camper). That festival has 100+ bands every year with a lot of big-name Christian artists/bands there. It was a lot of fun, and occasionally you'd get to interact with various band members.

@Sarah: Wow, those 20 years past very fast... Feeling old now o.O

@Lorien... no kidding right? I was still in high school when they formed and now it's twenty years later... I think this May was seventeen years since I graduated from high school... and I watched the BSB on Good Morning America the other day and they still have little kids in the audience who weren't even born yet when I saw them live the first time... and my worker was two years old when the band formed... this getting old thing is crazy...

I went to an awesome (AWESOME!) Paul McCartney 's show here in Brazil lately but that's pretty much it.
Can we post about Stage Plays too? Because I am really excited I am going to see Toby Stephens in July. Yay!!!!!
@Lórien: I love Pato Fu too!!!!!!! And Skank! (Jelous!) smiley

@Sarah: This is the problem... I was in the 7th grade when I first heard BSB.

@Cinthia: I used to like Skank more later... Sepcially their first albums. But I haven´t seem them live. Well, when I lived in Minas Gerais there were a festival that was broadcast though radio, and I heard them smiley But if broadcasts count I saw Psy show another day, lmao.

Pato Fu is my favorite Brazilan band, I´ve been a fan since 1997 or so. Takai´s voice is soooo sweet. (If you wanna hear her singing, to know what we are talking about, hear this cover of cities in dust). She and Karen Carpenter are my favorite female pop singers smiley

Last year I finally got to see Snow Patrol in concert and it was better than I ever could have imagined!!! And this month I finally get to see The Airborne Toxic Event and I can't wait!!!

I have never been to a concert! There are plenty that I'd love to go see but I've just never had the money for them or my anxiety gets in the way (I don't do the whole huge crowd thing!) I think my top 5 would have to be One Direction (LOL I'm a 13 year old stuck in a 24 year old's body), I would have loved to seen Queen live back in the day, Rush, Ke$ha and Miguel. I have an extremely diverse taste in music smiley

Haven't been to a concert in ages! I think TobyMac was the last one I went to.

@Jenn: Oh, I love TobyMac!

I've mostly been to country concerts; Garth Brooks, Sawyer Brown, Alan Jackson to name a few. My favorite though was just a couple years ago, before Chris Young blew up into a big deal and he was at a little bar in Billings Montana. Had my picture taken with him and about died lol. The only non country concert that isn't a local band was Def Lep back in the 80's

@Sherrilynn... nothing wrong with having diverse taste in music... I found this questionnaire (in fact I think I might have gotten it on a blog belonging to one of the pixel scrapper regulars... can't remember who though so if it's you let me know and I'll credit you smiley ...) anyhow the questionnaire was '30 things my children should know about me'... now I don't have any children but I woke up last night and could not fall back to asleep so I filled it out and one of the things I put was some of my favorite bands and artists... I had everybody from BSB to Britney to Kelly Clarkson, Kid Rock, Linking Park, Limp Bizkit, Lorena McKinnet, a bunch of Irish/new age singers... Pitbull, Everlast, and a bunch of Gothic Rock bands... oh and can't forget New Kids on the block...lol... anyways my point is having an eclectic mix of musical interests just gives you more to talk about when music comes up in conversation... not that I need more to talk about since most times folks can't get me to shut up, but I'm sure you get my point... more power to you!

@Lorien... Gosh I feel old... I was in college the first time I heard the BSB... lol. and it's not like I was late coming to the party... I 'discovered' them in 1998 when they performed 'Everybody' on the VMAs... I was sitting in my friends Dorm room watching and she went to change the channel and I begged her to wait till the song was over...lol. she did and the next day I went out and bought their two CDs... and the rest as they say is history... of course it took about a year before I was willing opt publicly admit that I liked them and owned their CDs but that's cuz I had a brat of a brother who liked to pick on my musical tastes... even though I bought him the Britney CD he wanted...lol.

I have not got to alot just 2. As the issue was things always going on in life that kept me from doing what I want. I saw Mandy Patinkin in concert. And my absolute very favorite concert that I have always wanted to go to last year was Bret Michaels. I can still die a very happy woman to this day knowing I saw that man in concert.

@Sarah: It´s on Caffeine Fuelled Momma´s blog I guess. Or in Jessica Fors´. I know it´s in one of our friends that have little newborns. Also LOL at your brother. Don´t feel old, it could be worst...

@Sarah - I love Backstreet Boys too! I have only seen them in concert once. It was when I was 14 and they were at the height of their popularity. It was before Millenium came out. I still adore them and I would love to see them again live!

@Jody - I'm jealous! I got to see Crosby, Stills, & Nash, but Young wasn't there. =/

@Lizanne - I would LOVE to see Joan Jett and Pat Benetar!

@Dawn E - I've also seen Nickelback and Five. =P I'd love to see Eric Clapton. smiley

@Kaleena - I've also seen Green Day and Jimmy Eat World! I've seen both bands a handful of times each. I've actually met both bands more than once and they are all super nice guys. smiley I would love to have seen Spice Girls back when they were popular. I loved them so much! =P And I'm jealous that you've seen The Who and Poison. =P

@Dawn W - I've seen Aerosmith too! Steven Tyler is a wonderful guy. I go to meet him back in 1997. I saw them several times on that tour. I'd love to see Metallica and Joan Jett! If you get the chance to see Plain White Ts then I recomment it! I saw them back before they got really popular. They were very nice as well. And I've also seen Three Doors Down, Finger Eleven, and Godsmack. They all put on great live shows. smiley I hope that you are able to see them someday.

I have seen so many concerts that I would never be able to remember them all. That was my thing when I was a teenager. My friends and I would go to concerts just about every weekend. We always had to drive at least four hours though since we lived out in the country. =P We almost always got to meet the bands that we went to see too, which was awesome! You can really tell a lot about a person from the way that they treat others.

Here are some that I can remember off the top of my head: Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Kid Rock, Tenacious D, Muse, Black Eyed Peas, Everclear, Nickelback, 'N SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Five, No Doubt, Garbage, Lit, The Distillers, Lucky Boys Confusion, Fall Out Boy, Plain White Ts, All American Rejects, Michelle Branch, Weezer, Thursday, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Offspring, Incubus, Staind, Dave Matthews Band, AFI, Rilo Kiley, Cursive, The Faint, Tilly and the Wall, Bright Eyes, Poison The Well, Story of the Year, My Chemical Romance, Eve6, P.O.D., Rise Against, gosh I could go on and on. =P

Fab list Vanessa! Do you do the summer festivals? I've never been to one but my son has and he racked up a ton of bands in a fairly short space of time. Eric Clapton was everything I wanted him to be. If you get the chance, go!

@ Dawn - Oh I love summer festivals! I have been to tons of them. I used to attend the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, TN every year when I was in high school. It is a three day music festival and it is so much fun! And I have also been to a lot of radio station sponsored music festivals where there are numerous bands playing on different stages. I really miss going to so many concerts, but I got married and had kids so my time and money were a little more crunched. =P

You've all been to impressive concerts. For me it's been a while, but in the past i have seen: Guns 'n roses, UB40 (about 5 times smiley ) , Tom Jones (i think 4 times) , Engelbert Humperdinck (3 times) , Paul Potts, Luciano Pavarotti, Shakin Stevens, Freddy Fender, Robin Gibb, The Kelly Family, Julio Iglesias, a lot of dutch singers, and some i forgot. But now, concerts are so expensive.......

@Vanessa In 2001 i have been in Memphis where we went to the Elvis on Tour concert.

I really haven't been to many! Back in the early 90s I saw Yanni... let's see. I went to a Blue Man Group show in Las Vegas, and I've seen Rick Springfield. My mom, sister, and a cousin went to see the Transsiberian Orchestra a couple years ago.

I would LOVE to see Bon Jovi or Pink.

@Sarah Higgins I am definetly familiar with the backstreet boys. LOL Anyways, I've seen Bon Jovi (twice), Nickelback and Creed all in concert. My favorite concerts were Bon Jovi and Nickelback.

Recently a lot of big artists have started touring to South Africa - we all end up going crazy because we don't get a chance to see such awesome artists as often so they are usually shocked at the amount of people at their shows here!

Coldplay is absolutely breathtaking live - definitely one of my favourites! Otherwise I've seen Kelly Clarkson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lady Gaga (her actual performance was way-out there but her acoustic set was beautiful - she really went out of her way to connect with her fans - the crazy people who camped out for 3 days to be in the 'monster pit' - lady gaga version of golden circle... but I did go last minute and with an open mind),
Another of my favourite shows was Two Door Cinema Club (indie), there's also the Kongos, Bullet for My Valentine, Eagles of Death Metal... Going to see Alt-J later this year...
Then I've seen some amazing local talent - namely Shadowclub, Black Handed Kites, Jeremy Loops, aKing, to name a few - if you love music, you should look at some of these and other South African artists,you may be very surprised at the amazing talent a lot of musicians here are showing...

I would absolutely do anything to see Mumford & Sons live... There was a rumour that they were coming this way - but so far it hasn't been confirmed... I will literally camp out like the gaga fans did, that's how serious I am...