Who wants a chance to win a new Cameo digital cutter??

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Who wants a chance to win a new Cameo digital cutter??

You can enter to win here with SVGcuts.com (facebook page): http://bit.ly/1fxcLql

Awesome giveaway, I signed up, thanks for the link

I passed it on! Thanks!

I gave it a go Cat... I'd love to win one... what to do with the svg card if I win one of those. I can use those type files with my very old "CraftRobo"; can't I?

I gave it a go Cat... I'd love to win one... what to do with the svg card if I win one of those. I can use those type files with my very old "CraftRobo"; can't I?

You sure can. I use them with my CraftRobo. The Silhouette designer edition of their software will open svg files, but you can also get a plugin for inkscape and cut them directly from inkscape.

I saw version of MTC on sale on my WishBlade Yahoo Group discount to buy directly through MTC website. Do you know if that software does the same thing or anything better or easier would be a more accurate need. smiley From what I remember my CraftRobo is the same as the Wishblade and why I signed up for the Yahoo group. I want to pull it out & start using it again (it's been a couple years_since we moved), but it seems like most people share SVG or SIL files most lately because of the Silhouette. Do you have any good recommendations of where to learn or the easiest way to convert those type files into being useable on my machine? PS How much does their software run and does it link up with our machines easily? I know mines at least 4-5 years old??? smiley
Thanks for your additional help in advance!

@ Shawna - MTC is an excellent piece of software. I love it and think that it is worth the money (full price is about $50, but you can find coupons sometimes and it may be cheaper to buy directly from the website). I use it with my Zing. And it will hook up to your CraftRobo since I've had my CraftRobo since 2006 and I use it occasionally with mine. MTC will import older GSD files, and svg files. It won't import older dxf files (craftrobo files) or studio files. There are ways around that tho with Inkscape and silhouette studio (by the way silhouette studio will also work with your Craft Robo - that's how I used mine for a couple years).

Yea... I figured that may be my option but apparently the price of MTC has increased a lot. It is now around $80 and $58 on sale with the coupon... which expires the end of the month and I'm kind of out of scrapping funds for the month. I just had to get some more Tim Holtz product when it went on sale at JoAnn's and I had the extra 15% off. smiley
I still have tons of dxf files on my PC. I don't even know for sure. I had to get a new PC about a year ago because my last one was about 8-10 yrs old... and I don't think I've even re-installed the RoboCraft software. I hope I can still find my copy of it. I bought my unit from Martha out of California, so worse comes to worse she may be able to help me find an older version somewhere. That's what happens when you don't play with your toys for a while. smiley I'm assuming from what you're saying though I may be able to use inkscape to change out dxf to svg's maybe if I have to use something newer like MTC or Sil Studio to cut? I figured I might have some challenges since my new PC is Microsoft8 too???
Sometimes, I don't like change very much! LoL smiley

Does anyone here have the Cameo? Hubby is buying me one this weekend for my birthday. I'm looking forward to making my own stencils with it - plus it even cuts metal clay! (another addiction of mine)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I've been thinking about getting one recently!

@Shawna - wow that is a jump in price for MTC. I didn't realize they increased the price so much. You can just download and use Silhouette Studio software to cut with - you don't need the old cd for your CraftRobo. The basic version is free and there are tons of free studio files all over. Unless you paid for some of your dxf files or you really like them, I'm sure you could find something that could replace them so I, personally, wouldn't even bother with them.

@Jennifer, Nathalia, & Sharilynn - I don't have a Cameo. Just the old CraftRobo and a KNK Zing (which is fabulous!), but who wouldn't also like to have a Cameo. I won a copy of SSDE, so I can save my studio files as svg to cut with my Zing in MTC, but it would be nice to not have to do those extra steps.

Jennifer, you're going to love your cutting machine. I've been a cutting machine junkie since I got my CraftRobo back in 2006. smiley

@Cat: Thanks for all your help and info! Do you happen to have/know any sites that you like that were or could still be helpful for an old CraftRobo user that needs a refresher course: maybe on cutting pressure numbers, useful info, etc? smiley

@Nathalia @Shawna: It was a wrong link for sure - I clicked on it too thinking that it was something about Silhouette Cameo, and it´s a bogous thing of adds. I tried to wait for some time to see if there was a in-topic video after the adds, but there wasn´t. And, as you said, it was Portugese, not English, so there´s no reason for this link to be there. I deleted the link to avoid people being misled. Nathalia, if there is a good link in English - or with English subtitles - you´d like to point us, you can post it in another comment on this topic. Try to find the direct link to YouTube, Vimeo or other video hosting site, istead of a suspicious blog, please.

I just checked at Silhouette Studio - basic edition - it does open .dxf files. I just couldn´t check if it´s compatible with Craft Robo - in theory it is, as Craft Robo Pro is the older version of Silhouette Cameo. I know that SCAL3 offers support to both Craft Robo and Silhouette Cameo - I have this one hubby bought a couple of years ago because he wanted to import his corel draw files directly... I never tested (as I have the SCAL) but seems that in silhouette site there´s a software plugin that you can use in Corel Draw and Ilustrator to send the files directly too.

BTW, my plotter is Cameo. I like it, but it´s not as useful for scrapping per se as I thought it was when I bought (or maybe I could find it useful if I didn´t switch to digi? LOL) but, as I bought it for cutting vynil stickers for my business and to use it istead of punchs for punch art, and most of time it serves me well. The vynil cutting is really perfect (you just need to take care of your blade) and cutting paper is good, but the cutting mat can be troublesome...