Wondering if Files on Mac or Apples are significately smaller?

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Wondering if Files on Mac or Apples are significately smaller?

With my laptop on the fritz and thinking we may need to have to replace it sooner than later, I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about Macs? I've heard for many years that those in music and those in graphic design say that Apple is the way to go. But I need more concrete statements to convince me to take the costly plunge.

It seems like some of the files given out during blog hops and things, that have contained files for Mac and files for PC - JPG & PNG's, that the Mac files were drastically smaller in size than their PC equivalents. Is this really the case?

What advantages have you had with making a move to Mac's?
disadvantages if any?


the only data i can think of that are different for png and jpg are those that start with a point. Those are not the real files. It some kind of a previewfile i guess. You still need to keep the jpg and png you use on a PC, they are the same size as they are for mac. for mac you just have this additional folder that you don't see on a mac, but you see it on a PC.

The biggest disadvantage for you could be that there are programs you like to use are not running on mac. Plus it is a higher learning curve if you are coming from a windows system. For me there are no advantages.

I don't know about different sizes of files, but a few months ago I switched to a Mac and though it takes some getting use to, I don't regret the switch one bit. I guess one of the main things that sold me is that if I have a questions about operating it or have some kind of difficulty, all I have to do is call an Apple store, make an appointment and go in for one on one assistance. I had an HP laptop (which I would never buy anything else by HP) that completely crashed after 31 days, I spent 3-4 hours on the phone trying to understand the person on the other end of the call and ended up having to pay to return the laptop to HP. When I got it back it immediately messed up again and once again I spent a couple of hours trying to understand the person at HP. After a few days the CD drive locked up and after spending yet another couple of hours on the phone with an HP tech, I ultimately had to give them external access to the laptop (which bothered me to do so). Anyway, hours on a cell phone and trying to understand a foreigner's language accent as they had me doing one test after another, I decided the resulting headache and hassle simply wasn't worth it so I bought a Mac. I guess, ultimately for me, the personal customer service of an Apple product won me over. Also, Macs have built in spyware and malware so you never have to buy that software and pay the yearly update fees. And, lastly, my son pointed out to me that all the majority of computer "geeks" at university were carrying Macs, so I figured that if they were using Macs, maybe I should, too.

I love my Mac. There is a little learning curve, but it's been worth it and really wasn't difficult at all. In fact, I could see where Windows 7 was trying to look somewhat like what Mac does (in my opinion). I have an iPhone, an iPad, and we just got an Apple TV box for our bedroom, so I love how everything syncs seamlessly with each other. I bought my desktop Mac last year as soon as we got our tax money back, so I didn't feel any "bite". lol My oldest son has a Mac laptop and has tried to get me to defect for years, and I wished I'd done it sooner. I love it. Don't have to worry about keeping up with virus protection, spyware/malware cleaning programs, etc. For now, anyway, until the hackers decided to start descending on Macs! I've always used free stuff, but it's still great not to have to mess with all that.

I'm a music geek and am as anal as organizing my music in iTunes as I am my graphics. Once I got the Mac, I could see where so many things were familiar just because of having used iTunes for so long. iPhoto takes a bit of learning, but I've seen where there's some tuts on how to use iPhoto to organize your scrapbooking files. I'm just beginning to dabble in that because I'm still making sure what gets deleted out of iPhoto doesn't get deleted off the hard drive.

Another added perk is that you get four different screens, which makes it easy to just swipe and you can go back and forth between screens. Great for doing a tutorial and going back and forth between that and your PSE or whatever. I can have Safari opened, swipe over to PSE, swipe over to iTunes and swipe over to another to check my email. I've got a different wallpaper on each one, too. And oh so many less wires!!!! I opened up the desktop, plugged one cord in and off I went. Love the trackpad, too. I do keep a mouse handy for some moves, but use the trackpad 99% of the time.

As for programs not running on Macs, it depends on what you need. I've used PSP for years, and Corel either can't or won't make a Mac version. But, I bought Pixelmator for $15.00 and although it's useful, I'm going to go ahead and buy PSE 12. I've been using the trial version, which will be over as soon as I close it and try to reopen (it expired Monday, but I've just kept it open!). It works great on the Mac. I haven't needed to get any other programs that I had on my (home) PC before getting the Mac.

As for the file sizes, I haven't really downloaded anything that had a Mac file in it. Wait, there was one from Brooke, but I think I downloaded here at work and didn't keep it. Everything else is just as ginormous on it as here on the PC! I've got a EHD and use Mac's built-in Time Machine to back up things there.

Go to the Apple store and play around with one. Let the rep show you what all it can do. smiley


No I have not seen a difference but good question, next time I have the opportunity to get on a Mac I will have to compare. It would be a good idea that Ii check it out because I am in the market to purchase a new computer and I was thinking about buying a mac.

Thanks for asking this question. I too have considered switching to a Mac. I am just having a hard time convincing myself that it is worth so much more money. Reading Lisa's comment helps a lot. I also have an iPhone and Ipad...so I can see how it might be more convenient with a Mac.