Woo, I'm back!

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Woo, I'm back!

I'm finally done with my road trip from North Carolina to New Hampshire. Got everything all moved and most things unpacked and settled for the time being. The drive took way longer than usual and than what we expected but it was fun nonetheless. It took about 25 hours instead of the usual 17-18. But we did get to drive through Shenandoah National Park and it was incredible. I have some amazing shots to scrap once I'm finally allowed to breathe and relax haha. It's been a very hectic week and I'm still recovering from the drive so I've been sleeping like crazy. Moving is such a hassle! And I've missed so much on here! Ahhhh my brain!

Welcome back! Glad the move went well! There's nothing like settling in to a new place to make things a bit exciting.

Moving isn´t my favorite hobby, but I do it every three years or so. The packing/unpacking/omgwheraremythingsat phasis is terrible. Glad you can take some time to have fun smiley

How fun- moving is always better once you are there and can unpack (IMO). Have fun with all of that!!

So glad it went well for you. My dad and husband are both Marines so moving for us was a way of life! Good news was that 26 years ago Charles and I bought our first and only home that we plan to buy. Unless something drastic in our lives happens, we plan to stay in our home for the rest of our lives! It is only 1056 sq ft but has everything we need and want....and in retirement it is the perfect size. Bottom line, I hate moving and that was one consideration when we made the decision to buy.

It was a pain in the bones driving from Jacksonville all the way up to NH but I'm very happy to be home. Luckily we don't have to unpack really because we're in between apartments right now so we're at my parents until the end of June, which is pretty fun. In my 24 years of life I have moved a total of 16 times, and 11 of those times have been in the last 4 years since I left the 'nest'. I do hate moving but it's all I know. I hope in the future that my fiance and I are able to buy a house or at least have a long-term something because it'd be really nice to have some sort of stability for once haha.

Jordan and I have to move our stuff from MN to OR this summer, although as the plan currently stands Jordan's parents will be driving it out for us and we'll be flying. This is probably best for everyone since neither Jordan or I have driven in 5 years...

Now that is a hefty move! At least you have help though so that's always nice! My fiance's mom came down to NC to help us move back up and it would have been a thousand times harder if she hadn't come down, though his 10 year old sister did kind of complicate things haha. I haven't driven more than like 6 feet in well over a year so I'm pretty anxious about getting behind the wheel again soon.

Well, at least you can drive a little. My hubby has his license expired for 12 years now, and I never got one. Well, It usually isn´t a problem to us, it´s a life decision: We choose not to have cars to afford living close to the downtown where we can reach almost everywhere in town with public transportation. But it´s really a pain to move. On our last moving we rented a small truck, but needed help from my brother and a close friend with their cars... And you can´t imagine how crazy it is to move with 4 kitties (they were 10 months old when we moved, and the three girls werent neutered). Glad you had/will have help ladies smiley

Marisa, I hope that you and Jordan have as much fun moving as someone can have, lol.

All you people moving about all the time smiley we moved here (english countryside 20m out of greater London) 3 years ago and prior to that we had been in the same place in London for 23 years - we had a LOT of stuff to move!!

Lorien - I don't drive either - I do/did have a licence about 23 years ago but I hated it and did not really need it in London. I doubt I could even start a car up now and I have no desire to do so. Can make some things a pain though.

Sharilynn - glad you're back and I hope you get settled quickly. I hate the unpacking (still have some to do I think). The drive sounds awesome though and I hope we get to see the photos when you're not too busy.

Dawn, I envy you so much! I'd LOVE to live in/outside of London or anyone in England really. I absolutely adore England. smiley

Sharilynn... I tried to welcome you back the other day but it appears my internet browser ate the post...lol... so welcome back glad you had a safe trip...

@Marisa... best wishes on your move.

I was 24 or 25 when I finally got my license and though I no longer have a car I still drive my folk's cars from time to time... the exercise from having to walk everywhere is great though...and I don't foresee myself being able to buy a car any time soon... but i want one... sort of... the expense of gas and maintenance and registering it and all of that is tiresome... so I don't miss that... but I miss being able to get to anywhere I want to go in just minutes... maybe I'm spoiled that way... but now I walk two miles just about everyday so at least I'm getting daily exercise! lol. smiley

The last time I moved I had my brother and his friend drive a truck I rented and load everything into it and bring it to a storage facility... okay that was actually the second to last time I moved, but the last time was just down the street so I drove everything by car... I think I prefer the just down the street method better.

I'll keep all you movers and such in my thoughts for safe travels and getting everything there in one piece... and then being able to find everything when you need it! smiley

We just moved too! Only from MA to UT. The 3 year old, and pets made it a little challenging, but it was fun overall. Now to move my MIL's internet from dial up speeds....

Thank you Sarah! I'll be moving again at the end of the month. We're at my dad's house temporarily so luckily I don't have to really unpack until the end of the month after we find an apartment. We've been here since almost a week and I have to say I really miss having my own apartment LOL!

Wow, you all, I cannot imagine not driving...it's my independence! I told Charles before we were married that I always had to have my own car...he agreed!

Welcome back to New England, Sharilynn!! smiley You're one of the few people I know in digiscrapping land that lives up this way. smiley Hope it doesn't take you long to find a nice place of your own... I know what ya mean about moving & just wanting a place to settle down in & set roots - I've moved a lot, too. The longest I've ever lived anywhere was 8 years. I'm hoping to change that...

Janet - living in London you can walk, or use the train, bus, underground, taxi - there's very little need for a car on a daily basis. My husband only drove twice a week - supermarket and taking my son to Saturday clubs. The car was for going "home" - to Wales - 200 miles each way.

Sharilynn - thank you - we like it here and if you do ever visit you'd be welcome to pop in on us! About a third of our holidays are spent in the USA - just love the mountains, lakes and forests and the emptiness!

@Dawn: At the part of the town I live it´s pretty much like that too. But it´s more expensive than other neigborhoods where you´re not close to the subway. Our choice is no car/close to downtown because it´s faster to arrive at the places we like to go than leaving far away/having a car/facing the traffic.

@Sarah: Once I moved to a place that was only one floor away, in the same building. It was just the matter to have someone to carry everything through the stairs :p

LOL Our shortest move was 6 doors Lorien - so you beat us easily. We moved from a 1 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroom terrace on the same street when my son was 2. Then we did nto move again till he was 20.

That was a big move for you! I don't envy you. I hate moving. Don't plan to ever move again.