World Cup Fun Anyone?

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World Cup Fun Anyone?

Talking about and experiencing World Cup games is always more fun with an international group, and Pixel Scrapper fits that for sure! Does anyone have any special parties planned? Who are you rooting for? We just enjoyed cheering The Netherlands through a big win over Spain.

If anyone is in São Paulo for the World Cup, just let me know smiley I would love to hang out with you all and help with hints on what to do (or not) while you´re not watching games, haha! - just be aware that I live on the other side of the town, really far away of the stadium.

Well, I stopped following the games when I was a teen - I don´t really hate them or something like that, I just don´t have interest. The town in itself seems divided between three balanced groups: The ones who are enjoying it, the ones that aren´t satisfied with the way everything was conducted and are still complaining, and the ones that are insatisfied but know that this is NOT the time to complain, but to make the foreigner´s experience as good as possible. (I´m on this group - I´m against Brazil hosting sport events since always, but I don´t take part on those riots or so, and think they should have happened years ago, and not from last year on).

I hope you all have fun watching the matches - either here or anywhere else - and make fun memories!

all i am hoping for is that germany will be kicked out fast. if they don't stay as long as the netherlands, that would be perfect!

*drumroll* guess who is going out to watch the Brazil x Chile match? Me, lol. It´s a friends´B-day and she invited us to watch the match at her apartment - so, there we go! I hope to have some photos to show you later - or not, lol smiley

Oh my! They must have known you were watching the game Lorien, they made the game extra extra long for you smiley Congrats on being the winning team, it was a nervewrecking game I 'm sure! We enjoyed it thorougly, we are up tomorrow...

Beer ended up before the game, we were not planning it being too long, lol. Glad we got wine smiley

It was a fun and very tiring afternoon. It´s pretty to see people dressed up (including props) everywhere you go, we even saw some people from Chile going to the FanFest. We didn´t take pictures too, somehow no one was on the mood...

Brazil wasn´t the best team, IMO. There was some points where Chile was REALLY superior. Penalties are more luck than anything else (and OH EMM GEE, Hulk was tricked easily o.O. It was a bit annoying to see players for both groups trying to "cavar falta" - its how we say when the players act in a way they were dangerously touch by the players from the other side. And, sometimes, the star of the game was the host´s nephew chasing the host´s 6 month-old kitten, lol.

Glad to hear you've got a little World Cup spirit Lorien! I was not anticipating that game taking my entire Saturday morning, but it was an fun game to watch. Jordan was moaning a little about today, what will we do as there are no games? I told him there is always working smiley

I have to admit that I haven't watched any of the World Cup games - and I SHOULD! 'Cause the US team has some of our Sporting KC players on it!! There have been advertisements ALL over Kansas City, people decked out in both World Cup and Sporting KC gear, and BIG viewing parties at the Power & Light District downtown. I just need to DVR it before it's over and I can't enjoy it - 'cause soccer is one of the few sports I DO actually enjoy.