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Christmas Photography

I've been seeing various tutorials for getting a good bokeh photo of the Christmas Tree and I was wondering if there were any other tips our Photography gurus would like to share as lots of us get ready for the holidays.

Here are 8 Tutorials from to help you get ready.

Also, what's on your "photography list" this year. What pictures do you want to be sure not to miss? What photos are the rest of us forgetting that we should have on our list.

I took pictures of the boys @ the Christmas Tree Farm, cutting down our Christmas tree... Hoping some of the pictures turned out okay so I can scrap them for Christmas - I didn't have my tripod with me, and my digital camera doesn't take the best of pictures, so if any of them turn out good I will be extremely happy.

If you have kids, just be sure to get your belly and camera on the floor and capture things from their perspective. More so than the "say cheese" pics, I like shots taken peeking through a window or from behind something to give the "fly on the wall" perspective where the subject is caught unawares.

I am thinking of taking at least one photo every day in December and doing a scrapbook out of them. Not that I need more stuff to scrapbook. I think I'm two years behind in photographs. But i really love taking pictures at Christmas time. It's probably all the sparkly lights and ornaments.

Look I've started in already

Great photo Tiffany!

Anyone else have photos to share? There's not much happier than a Christmas photo!

I found this nice list of Christmas shots. It's meant as a daily challenge, but it would be great as a checklist too:

I haven't done any Christmas 'bokeh' shots in forever, this is making me want to do it now smiley
Here's a shot from a few years ago of one of our Great Danes with Christmas lights in the background...

You Rang? by Heather Green Photography, on Flickr

And another old favorite I did....

What Does Bokeh Weigh? by Heather Green Photography, on Flickr

These were done with the Canon 50mm 1.8 and I think my old Digital Rebel XTi

Oh! Forgot to add..... bokeh shapes.
Here's the tutorial I used:

And the results smiley

Star Bokeh by Heather Green Photography, on Flickr

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

I know I want to get some shots of my oldest decorating the tree in her Christmas pjs. I also want to get a few shots of both of the girls sleeping under the Christmas tree (something I did with my first as a baby and absolutely loved it).

I'm going to get my 4 year old son to take some photos at all our christmas function this year. He loves taking pictures with my phone & I love seeing his view of the world & the things he sees in it. hmm i can't upload any photos because i don't know what the image url is. Seems like I need some tutoring ;D

@Heather - what a great photo!

@Heather: FANTASTIC!!!

I love the star bokeh!

star bokeh!!!!!

thanks @ marisa for the december picture a day link... think im going to try it. I just found one on a disney scrapbook blog to try out too... disney fan photo a day
the photos dont have to be disney related

@Lavina - My 7 year old has her own camera and I love looking through the pics she takes. It's fun to see what she thinks is important or 'photo-worthy.' And I love that she's passionate about photography - she's learning about aperture and shutter speed already!

@Tina - I too prefer the 'fly on the wall' pics over the 'say cheese' pics. I find them much more interesting. Plus my 3yr old son hates having his picture taken so if he sees my camera he will not look anywhere in my direction! I have to be very sneaky most of the time in order to get photos of him!

@Marisa - Your photos are stunning!

I have a hard time getting my kids to pose for a picture - usually one will end up being extremely goofy (and won't make a nice smile, no matter how many times I try to get them to) or crabby. One year it was so terrible that I had to do individual photos (some "on the fly") so I could actually put together a Christmas photo card for family & friends - the boys just wouldn't cooperate. And forget about my cats.......they see me coming with a camera & off they go! I've been trying to get a picture of them together for 2 years now.

Our dog always seems to know when we're taking a family photo and comes and sits right down in the front. What a weirdo!

Love it - what a ham!

Marisa I love that your dog insists on being in all the photos

That is so funny how your dog likes to be in the photos! These are my first bokeh attempts from last Christmas.
I am sorry but I can't seem to get my pictures from Flickr to show up here. I read the instructions and nothing comes up. I don't get the "copy image url" option when I right click on the picture. I will try putting in the links.

To post from flickr you can just use the share tab, then select "BBCode" and an image around 500px will fit fine in the forums:

Those are pretty pictures, Betsy!

Marisa, what a surprise to see my pics in the forum. Thanks so much! I really haven't used Flickr much which is obvious! Lizanne, thank you for the compliment!

@Betsy: absolutely gorgeous work!!! looove them smiley

Thank you Shawna!

Forced my husband to wake up from his napping last night to take some photos for our holiday cards. Here's a few of em I had a good time listening to him grumble

Love those pictures, Tiffany! LOL

Your "what does bokeh weigh" photo is really cute. smiley