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Oh man, singing the song of my people in this thread, lol.

I went on a photo app downloading spree the other day. I found some I really enjoy and some that I'm not as impressed with. This is my list of must have apps:

Instagram (obviously)
Diptic (create photo collages in lots of fun layouts)
moreBeaute2 (free app softens portraits and gives the people in them flawless, creamy skin)
Phonto (add captions to your photos)
maskingtape (lets you add strips of "washi" to your photos)
PhotoForge 2 (lets you work in layers on your iphone. Love that.)
Snapseed (nice photo editing software, free so worth the download)
KitCam (my go to for photo editing. It lets you do the basics like crop your photo and add filters/styles, but also lets you edit the curves and color balance among other things. Plus you can take photos using various combinations of lenses and films so it's a bit like Hipstamatic as well)
Dblecam (I wouldn't recommend this app if it weren't free because it's more a of a novelty than a serious tool, but what it does is take a picture with both the front and rear facing cameras within a couple of seconds of each other and creates a diptych with the resulting photos)
PictureShow (I'm on the fence with that one... lots of effects, but they are usually so crazy I don't want to use them)
Hipstamatic (my favorite and the one app I'd recommend to every iPhone user)

Thanks for this list, Wren! I love hearing from other people what photo apps they like and use, and the specifics of what each one does. I don't know about KitCam, I'll go check it out!

@Sarah: for action shots, there's an app called still shot which can convert videos to individual frames and you can pick which one you want to save as a photo.

@Danica: what kind of macro lens do you have? i am interested in macro photography with my iPhone.

If anyone wants to take this little course on Phoneography from Photojojo, they've sent me a deal where I can sign 3 people up for free (it's normally $10). It's pretty basic but had some helpful prompts and would probably be very useful for someone who is a total beginner in the fabulous world of phone photography. It expires tomorrow, I think, so contact me (the link is over to the left, under my photo) if you want me to sign you up.

At weddings when I take pictures of the bride and groom I get horrible pictures because they are all whited out? Is that from the lighting of the church is there anyway to get around that? Its like there is too much light?

1. Camera awesome is absolutely the way to go FREE!!...pros..takes pic faster so not as much blurry movement & editing right there is really nice! Also two finger touch so you can expose and focus in separate places (love this) cons...it is a separate "file". Your iphone will have pics in the camera awesome file that you will not be able to get to with the computer to download. You have to go into options (in camera awesome) and have them sent to camera roll (the pics are saved in two places and that means you have to delete them in both also camera roll and camera awesome) and if you take bazillions of pics it doesn't know when to stop and then your phone freezes (just turn it off and on again and try to delete pics from camera roll one at a time)
2. adobe photoshop express (PS Express)!! love this for exposure, hue/saturation, sharpen makes pics clearer than any other I have used ...and its FREE (or it was about 6 months ago)
3. TPW Dinos..put a dinosaur in your pic...a wedding couple had this as their only "must have" photo...I guess they really trusted me!!
Ones I do have but never use...
Camera +
Genius which does have a collage feature that I have used about 3 times...
645 PRO really neat looking interface, is a little faster on taking the pic than camera awesome (there is no editing with it), but nothing special only reason why it is still on my iphone =because I paid for it...
Have fun!! D.