Photo organization using Lightroom vs. Photoshop Elements?

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Photo organization using Lightroom vs. Photoshop Elements?

I'm a hobby photographer and take a lot of photos. Most of them are for family use and I also take them for some of my volunteer work. I'm also a digital scrapbooker.

At work I used Photoshop, but it's so expensive so at home I got Photoshop Elements. It does most of what I need done and, I like the photo organization capabilities. (Although it is slow sometimes.)

I've heard photographers say how much they like Lightroom. Upgrading to Photoshop and Lightroom would be pretty expensive and I'm wondering what are the major differences between what I have now (Photoshop Elements). Has anyone used both? Do you think it's worth upgrading in my case?

I usually take pictures in JPG but my new camera can take RAW. (I haven't experimented with that yet.)

If you are a college student or if someone in your family is a college student. As long as you do not use Photoshop for business you can get it at student pricing. It is under 200.00 or the suite is around 400.00. That is how I got the software when I took a Photoshop course.

I just made the switch to using Lightroom for photo organizing and editing and I have to say it's really a step up from my old methods (I used Picassa and Photoshop). It's really streamlined for photo editing, and you can tell that it's been specifically designed for photographers. My first big project using it was our recent trip to Egypt, which I also shot in RAW for the first time, and I could really tell the difference when the photos were all edited and done. You can even upload them directly to the web (Facebook, Flickr, etc). Basically, I love it!

To keep this brief: I use lightroom for my photo organizing. (Before I had it I used iphoto but we didn't get along. lol. iphoto's filing system was just crazy) I think I read somewhere where Marisa didn't like iphoto's filing system either. smiley

I edit in lightroom, but also in photoshop - and lightroom is great because it brings the photoshop files back into lightroom so everything stays together. Then once I'm done editing a photo session, either a professional paid session, or just fun family snapshots I export all of the files to "save" the edits - lightroom has a great export where you can change all of the files names (ex: 12-2012 Gazarek Christmas-1.jpg, 12-2012 Gazarek Christmas-2.jpg, etc), change dimensions, change resolution, even add a watermark, etc.

Then, because I usually shoot raw and the files are large, I delete the original files. If you do this, then you will need to import back in your newly saved files that you just exported to view them again in lightroom.

Thanks so much!

I use the Adobe Creative Suite Collection and part of that package includes Adobe Bridge which I find to be amazing. This allows you to organize files but also allows you to open files in RAW.

My husband got me Lightroom for Christmas. Picasa has been sooooo easy for me to edit and organize in, I'm having a hard time making the switch. (I do realize I could do much finer, more selective editing in Lightroom; but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!)

I use Picasa to organize everything and I almost like it as much as a photo editor as I like PSE. I really like the way it recognizes/organizes your photos by faces. But I do want to try when I am ready I'm going to give it a try to compare the two - you can download a free trial of it here: