Upgrading DSLRs, Opinions?

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Upgrading DSLRs, Opinions?

I'm brand loyal to Canon.
I use to have the Rebel Xti, I upgraded to the XSi (which got stolen at work). So i'm finally getting around to replacing it!
I'm looking at the Canon t3i or going back to my XSi. Does anyone here have an opinion, or own the t3i?
I've read that the t3i is really slow. Does anyone have this problem?

I can't wait to see what responses you get... I'm a big Canon fan, too, and have been eyeing the t3i as well.

hmmm.... I'm a Nikonian.... but I know that putting more money to some fast glass will make the biggest difference of all! not sure what lenses you already own, but maybe stick with the XSi and get some new lenses? DPreview is always a good source for reviews...


Yea... like Jaclyn, I'm a Nikon girl myself and do very similar. I don't spend my money upgrading my body as when I want to do/learn something new and different... I just invest in buying a new lens. I use to buy the fancy filters too, but found there was only one I liked and really ever used consistently and that is this one: Hoya 77mm DMC PRO1 Digital Circular Polarizer Glass Filter I paid $130 used several years back, but you can get them now for about $100 new. I will say though if I were ever going to step away from Nikon it would be for a Canon, most likely. This is what I got for my hubby when he wanted a point & shoot that would do it simply, but allow him nice manual and macro features in a compact form. smiley

I'm specific to Canon sensors, and the ability to use a variety of lenses across "time" (meaning, no adapters needed).
I currently have NO dslr, as when my bag got taken...everything was inside. Except the tripod, of course.

Shawna, I completely agree though. I don't much look at upgrading a body (as if I had a dslr at the moment) unless my sensor was failing, or I was having other mechanical problems.

I, as well, am a Canon girl all the way!

I currently have the T2i my current "go to" portrait lens is the 85mm 1.8
Of course my wish list included the 70-200 2.8
and a 24-70 2.8 as well!

I have to admit I really want the 5d..

The question is which one to save for first but I will let sale prices dictate that or if I am able to snatch one up slightly used. I am more then half way there in my saving so if my holiday portraits pick up more I may get there by Christmas!

I shoot with a canon 7d. My 2 lenses are the 50 mm 1.8 and the 70-200L II 2.8. I REALLY badly want to get the 24-27L 2.8. It's on my wish list along with maybe a full frame body...

When you mention that you heard the T3i is 'slow'.... do you mean 'frames per second'? If you're looking for something faster, you could look into the 50D, I have that and the 7D. The 7D is WAY faster (but also more expensive), but the 50D was my body for several years shooting wildlife photography.

Love my Fuji - 30X Optical zoom - 16 mpx -
Love the burst mode, it takes several pics in a row. It is nice to be able to pick the best shots. It also captures expresions that otherwise would not capture.

I am very interested in reading the responses on this thread...I am a Canon girl, all the way. I've had many "point and shoot" cameras and then went to my starter DSLR being the XSI, I am now looking to upgrade it and am looking at the Canon T3i or the 60D. I would like to hear what opinions you all have on either or both or which is best? I would appreciate the help, thank you so much.

@Reba I recently was upgrading from a Canon Rebel XSI and after reading many reviews and opinions finally decided on a Canon T4i. LOVE it! Still have a lot to learn but it is far superior to my XSI. Last weekend took a class on manual shooting and that was an eye opener-learned so much! I ended up with the T4i vs the 60D as I am not a professional and from the reviews I read there were a lot of professionals that felt that the T4i was quite sufficient - they gave praises for the T4i. As I never plan to become a pro I decided that the T4i would provide me with all the bells and whistles that I needed.

I shoot a 5d mk2 and i have say the full frame sensor is nice... but not entirely necessary. Important to remember too .. 5d doesnt have a pop up flash... I agree that lenses are where id put MY money ... lenses are what makes the 'magic' happen!! smiley

I know this is an older thread but I was wondering what the turn out was. I am in the market for a DSLR and am torn between a couple that are on sale this week. The T3i for $600, the T4i for $650 or the Nixon d3100 for $450. They all come with the same type of lenses. I think that I am leaning towards the T4i from the reviews but the Nixon is such a great deal. Any help is appreciated!

@Emily I recently got the T4i upgrading from a Rebel XSI. So far I really like it. When I did my research I found that many professionals lean toward Canon. Some have both. I just went to a manyakl shooting class and most in it had Canons. Be sure as to whether you want Canon or Nikon. My sister wanted a new camera and considered getting a Canon as that is what her daughter in law had but she has invested in several lenses and that made a deciding factor to get another Nikon. I do know that one of the advantages of the T4i is that it does take video so you might want to consider that.

@ Janet thanks for the advice. If you don't mind me asking which lense(s) do you have with your T4i? I know that some are better than other but do you like yours or which is your favorite.

I have three..the 18-55 IS (image stabilizer) which came with it, a 55-250mm IS and I recently got a 50mm 1:1.4 when I bought my T4i. I got the 50mm after reading the Clickin Moms blog, it seems by the reviews to be a good "universal" lens to use. My only problem with that is the learning curve with not having a zoom lens. I have to be farther away when taking family impromptu pics. Also, many times they have a "bundle" option which would include the 55-250mm lens for a bit more money and I would highly suggest it if you can afford. There is nothing like being able to take that distance photo! Something else to consider....I did invest in a Speedlite 580EXII flash. Although I don't use it all the time (probably should-have to increase my expertise with flash photography) but there are times that it comes in really handy. I wanted to get the coast of San Francisco with all the lights before sunrise when returning from a cruise and it was just a black blah with the camera's flash but when I put on my Speedlite it was gorgeous! Maybe something to put on your wish list. One other thing, although they are expensive, I would make sure to get at least one extra battery also - you don't want to be without "power." I had two backups with my Rebel but only got one extra this time (it was about $80) - until I have the money for a second backup. I also only get the Canon products even though other brands may be a little less money. Hope this helps.

@ Janet Thanks for all of the information!!! I think that I am going to get the t4i this week. I also have heard good things about the 55mm as well. That is a good idea to get a back up battery for just incase moments that always seem to happen.

I did it! I bought the T4i and I love it!! Thanks for all of the info Janet!

Great Emily! Now the challenge is to learn to shoot manually! LOL, I am still trying to do that! While working on manual shooting, make sure you also take the auto focus pics or you could be sad! We had a tea and I was so glad I did both because I need a lot of work with the manual shooting!

I'm looking at upgrading to a full-frame (but Nikon, as that's my bag, baby!), but totally agree with the others about getting better glass.
What did you end up deciding on?