Your must capture baby moments

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Your must capture baby moments

Hi everyone! I am new here and loving what a fun site this is! To all you pro mommies out there: what are your must capture baby moments for the first year? I know things like first steps and first taste of pickle, what else do uou recommend? My son is 3 months and I brand new to digital scrapbooking but I want to capture this first year! Thanks!

The first taste of any food is usually pretty good. Sitting up, crawling, first outside adventures. Um. I know I'm glad I captured my girls with my great grandma and my grandparents. Not something they remember but something they'll appreciate in the long run. Another one of my favorites was their first time getting the guts out of pumpkins. One loved it. The other ran from it lol.

Hum..... We used to have a list of baby milestones pictures, does anyone you remember where it is? I´m not sure if it´s on Digital Scrapbook Discussion o photography forum... I remember that it included first tooth, when I met my grandparents/aunts and cousins/other relatives, my first "walk" to the park, when I hold my feet...

Well, I´ll move this topic to the photography forum, where I hope someone will remember the list. Not everyone reads chit chat...

I also remember that thread, but I can't seem to find it....

Well, I was going to post a photo from the gallery, but apparently I'm too new. While this isn't the list you all are looking for, it's the last page layout of my youngest child's first year baby album (from my paper album days, though I think I want to convert my old stuff to all digital), with his milestones on it.

I'll have to find the layout when I get home, so I can list what the milestones are, as they are impossible to read here! smiley

I know it had rolling over, laugh, smiles, steps, crawling and sign language words when he signed them, for starters...

Edited to add; found the full-size version: click HERE!

Wow this was so long ago. on the last page of digital scrapping forum.
There may be another one also, but I do not remember.

Here are some of the milestones I have on my layout above:
8/30/05 began "solids" (rice cereal)
10/5/05 sits unassisted
11/3/05 6 months: 17 pounds, 3-1/2 ounces & 26"
11/28/05 pulls to standing
12/19/05 waves "hi" to paxtyn
12/21/05 crawls on hands (instead of "army crawl")
12/26/05 first tooth (bottom right)
12/27/05 second tooth (bottom left)
2/2/06 9 months: 19 pounds, 13 ounces & 28"
2/11/06 eats nothing but table foods
2/11/06 first step (9 months 5 days old)
3/14/06 tube surgery
4/21/06 last day of breastfeeding (self-weaned)
4/22/06 signs "bite"/"food"/"eat" and "milk"
5/4/06 one year old

While I didn't take photos of them all, you certainly could!

Firstly, congrats for Dae about your 4months old baby (*I guess he's now 4 right?). I really like Tina's milestone, me myself enjoying capture as much as I could with my baby, first time she could turn her body, or sit, crawl, and play around by herself, first time eat, though I didn't make LO from all of it, but I took the picture and planning to make her photobook for her first year smiley

This is a great thread. The link back to the old discussion is a great help as well.
One of the things some of my friends have done, which I wish I would have, is to take a monthly picture with the same object, to show how much the baby has grown. IE, one of my friends put her kid in the same laundry basket every month. By 12 months, he was standing on the side chewing on the thing! Another did a photo op with a sock monkey every month. It was bigger than then baby at the beginning, not by month 12! I think the pictures would make a great timeline page for the 1st birthday.
I also love having pics of my kids playing with their favorite toys at the time. You know they're not going to last!
Pictures with grandparents/ older family members are also important. We live pretty far from our families, so we don't have nearly enough.
I wish I had more pictures of my kids with my grandparents.
Another neat idea is a multi-generational shot. One of my favorite pictures ever is me, my mom, my grandmother and my great grandmother. We didn't have many opportunities to take that picture.

For all those that start a wonderful photo project through your child's life might I caution you to not forget the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc children. We have LOTS of photos of my sister (first born) and there are not nearly as many of the rest of the six kids! I understand life happens but if you are just starting your families, as you grow your family try to make sure that you keep photos of the other kids' significant milestones.

Good point Janet. I've made a point to try to do that, but it is really hard with your time spread so much thinner.

For sure you need the first photo with Santa. We have a CLASSIC one with the boys!

Also, Shellby Josslin's layout reminded me, another fun one is the first time they eat spaghetti. Kids tend to love it and they go crazy, so it makes for some fun, messy photos. I have that pic for each of my kids.