Bonjour from France!

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Bonjour from France!

Hi everyone!
My name is Elodie, I'm µ%?"ty-one, mother of two teen girls (pray for me), very fond of anything that deals with creativity.
My interests are arts, crafts, cooking, tattoos, scuba diving, and so many other things..

Very glad to join this community,

A bientot!

Hello and welcome.. newbie here too.. this site is awesome!

Welcome Elodie! So glad to have you here smiley

My son just got home from a church mission in the Lyon area. He loved France and can't wait to go back. Welcome.

Hello , welcome , newbie too

Bonjour et bienvenue Elodie ! smiley

Bonjour et bienvenue, Elodie. J'habite près de Dijon, et toi ?

Welcome to PixelScrapper.

I am the mother to 3 adult daughters. I survived their teenage years and I'm sure you will too. I completely understand the struggles though so yes, I will pray for you. smiley