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Download issues

Hi, does anyone live work here? I have sent 2 emails regarding download issues and I suspect you are throttling my downloads even though I have paid my annual subscription fee upfront, as requested. I have not heard back from anyone ... is there a phone # I can call to get some help?
Thanks in advance!

hello Tracey
I don't think this is the best thread to post your question..

Better put it in the Community Support Thread:

Hi Tracey. So sorry you are experiencing trouble. We have not had any other reports of issues from other users, so it is likely a problem with your internet or your computer. Jordan will be in touch with any further ideas you can try, although I see that he did suggest you try a download accelerator. Did you give this a try?

We are a small team and do our best to respond to issues in a timely manner, but this is not always possible as we have a small child and are in the process of moving across the country. We will be be in further touch as soon as possible.

My "download" buttons are missing. I cannot find how to download any more kits. Is that the same problem you are experiencing?

I've sent you an email with some ideas Laura.

Ok, thanks. I will try it tomorrow when I get home.