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Gallery guidelines

Hello folks,

The Pixel Scrapper moderators have realised through the time that, sometimes, new people start posting in the gallery before reading the gallery guidelines. And, as this issue happened some times during last month, I´m copying the guidelines here. They can be found in the support area, along with other useful information

Gallery Guidelines

Open Gallery: you may upload any layout, regardless of where the elements come from: you do not need to only upload layouts that use Pixel Scrapper items.

Layouts Only: please limit your uploads to scrapbooking layouts. Random images, kit previews, promotional items, etc. should not be uploaded to the gallery, and will be removed. Generally anything that you believe to be a layout is probably a layout smiley, but if you are uncertain about something you want to upload, you can contact us about it.

Dimensions: For uploading to the web, DPI and the size of your image in inches/cm does not matter: just the pixel dimensions. Ideally gallery images should be saved at 1000x1000 pixels at maximum jpg quality. Minimum dimensions are 600x600 pixels. If your layout is not square, that is for whichever edge is longer (which is why it's really best to go for 1000 pixels over 600). If your image is over the maximum dimensions, it will be re-sized automatically on upload.

Also, please pay attention to this note that appears everytime you upload a layout:

As with most galleries, layouts you post to Pixel Scrapper are publicly viewable on the internet. Additional privacy controls will be coming in time.

You can apply for gallery access here.

Just wrote another topic about thi matter, to help newcomers to understand what we call a layout, so you upload the right stuff to the gallery:


eta 7/30/14: (by Shawna) also to remind you of the basic guidelines/requirements of gallery acceptance. Here is a link to the helps topic page, under gallery... called Apply for gallery access.

read, understood and thank you smiley

I wanted to post a layout in the gallery, but I need to have 25 community points ...

Worth letting a reminder to all beginners like me.


Thank you for leaving all the Gallery guidelines easily accessible on the forum, I can't wait to make my first layout, so excited! smiley

Thanks for the Info x smiley

Are credits necessary? Because Ive scrapped some layouts sometime ago and forgot about where I got the templates. Also, if can we upload a quickpage we downloaded?

Credits are usually appreciated by most designers, and people who are interested in getting the resources. If you post the layout make a note that you're looking for the template, maybe someone can help you out!

Ok sounds good! Thank You

Sounds perfect ! Thanks for hosting an open gallery.

Read and understood thank you

Read and understood. Thanks

Got it! Can't wait to have enough point to post!

Sounds great! Thank u!

Thanks for the helpful guidelines that are so easy to find! I am new but once I start actually making digital layouts I am glad there is a place I can share. Being creative is fun but sharing is fun too!!!

Thanks for the info. I can't wait till i have enough points to upload a page.

Good info, thanks

Got it ... thanks!!! smiley

Okey Dokey...Thanks! smiley

Thanks for the info!

I was curious about the sizing guide for layouts in the gallery, and this was a really helpful guide for that. Thank you!

Thank you. Read and understood.

read and understood, one question though is it ok to link the LO to the kit used if it is directly to the page where it is found? In other words is it an open gallery.

@Tina: Yes the gallery is open. You can leave links to anything pertinent to the layout.

Thank you for the info, I love the idea of an open gallery smiley

How many community points do I need before I can post in the gallery?
I have something I'd like to share, but I have no idea how to put it up?!

Help, please! smiley

Just sent you an email Janey!

Do I need photobucket to post pages in the gallery or can I upload pics from my computer?

Hi Gina!

If you´re posting digital scrapbook layouts to the gallery you don´t need registration on a photo storage service. Only if you want to post other kinds of things, like photos of your pets, or other kinds of crafts, on the forum.

Thanks for the great information.

thank you smiley