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thanks for this info!

read and understood! thx

This is great... have read and will follow. Thank you.

How do you post in the gallery? I don't see any upload links?

You can apply for gallery access here.

Read and understood, thank you!

read and understood

I applied for gallery access 2 or 3 days ago and still can´t. Perhaps you didn´t get my application ?

We're just a bit behind at the moment Astrid. But I sent you an email!

thank you, worked fine !


read & understood

Read and understand.

Read and understood. Thanks!

Read and understood. Thanks.

Thank you! Understood!

Understand, thanks

Thank you for the info!

Read & Understood smiley

Read & understood!

got it!

Thanks. This clarifies the "can I post this?" dilemma for me.

Thank you!

This isn't really a gallery guideline question, but more one related to a member's personal gallery menu. In the "Sort By" menu, most of the sorts are self-explanatory, but what is a "featured" sort? And what is used to determine popularity? Some combination of hearts and views? Just curious. I do love looking at the gallery and seeing what people are scrapping. So many good ideas!

Popularity for layouts will be determined by how many views/comments/hearts a layout has. "Featured" is some magical formula that Jordan made up, and I'm not sure how it differs from popular smiley

I was just looking at my own "featured" layouts and I will say they were chosen well! Haha. I'll see if Jordan knows anything.

read and understood

Thanks, Marisa. I will be curious to see what Jordan says. My "popular" sort and my "featured" sort were different, so I wondered why. Not a big deal, though. smiley

Thank you


Read and Understood. Thanks.