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Hello from Michigan

Hello! I am from Michigan. Actually the middle of the Mitten of Michigan. I am the wife to my best friend of almost 19 years. We have eight beautiful children ages 17 to 21months. I enjoy digital scrapbooking and paper crafts. I also do digital Bible journal. This site has a lot of cool images and information. Thanks so much!

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Carmen! What a beautiful large family you have. smiley Love it!

I visited Michigan for a few days back in September. I would love to go sometime in the Fall proper. I hear it's gorgeous! I did get some of the donuts and apple cider from an orchard. Yum.... smiley

Welcome Carmen! Thanks for saying hi. Do you have any twins in that groups, or are they all singles? Sounds like you must have a fun and busy time with all those kids. We have a little bible journaling thread here if you want to say hi there as well.

Actually my last two are twins. So I have two toddlers running around smiley

There are lots of orchards around in Michigan where I live. Fall is pretty here. We were on vacation in September to West Virginia in the mountains. I thought we were going to miss fall in Michigan but it was later this year.

Welcome Carmen
I have dabbled in some Bible Journaling. I would be interested to see what you do digitally for it. I really enjoy creating scripture art pages to display in my home.

Two toddlers! Twice the mischief, or do they keep each other occupied?

Twice the mischief all the way!!!! 🤪

Welcome Carmen! My man and I have 7 sons. They're grown now. Only one left at home. Life is never dull for you, I'm sure. smiley

Thanks Tammy! Yes you are right about that.

Welcome! I am from Illinois. Nice to meet you.

Welcome from Australia

Hello from MI!