Hello from a new member and PSP Addict!

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Hello from a new member and PSP Addict!

Hello. I'm Claudia. I'm new to the crew, but a longtime user of Paint Shop Pro and animation shop. I starting learning around 10 years ago. I used to make layouts for Myspace and did basic html to support it. I've always loved editing photos and creating tags, layouts, and animated images. Mostly, I enjoyed the communities I was a part of and enjoyed making things for other people. I hope that I can be active in this group and can get creative. smiley


Hi! Fellow PSP user here!

Hello ladies! Thank you!
Yay! Another PSP user! I have an old version. But I eventually figure alternative ways to do new things.

I had PSP 8 for ages, until it finally stopped working with newer versions of Windows. I just bought the latest one and testing it out this weekend. smiley

I have PSP X2 and it's older, but not as old as PSP 8. I used my old laptop that runs Windows XP. So far, it runs pretty well. Crashes occasionally, but one of the first things I learned, save often!

Not sure how different the latest one is, but we can always chat about PSP anytime you'd like. I always look for new techniques, tools, and tutorials. I can refer you to whatever you need. smiley

Thanks a lot, always appreciate PSP-related tutorials. I think the biggest difference between the older versions and the newer ones is brush size (which is a big deal for me.) it's 3000px max, but I don't know when they changed that. In PSP 8 it was 500px, and then I think in X4 it had gone up to 999, but I'm not sure. If I still had a computer that could run Windows XP I would be happy, lol.

I generally don't make big images. Not unless I plan to print them. That makes sense. Otherwise, I'm fine with the dimensions I have. They seem to hold up well. I hope the new version is holding up well! I keep getting a bargain deal to upgrade mine, but I'm afraid I won't like it. I did that once and I reverted back to my current version. Not big on change, I suppose. Lol.

I design resources for sale, so 500px is not really useful to me. Higher resolution is what people want. So far I find the new version an improvement, although I can't seem to get one of my plugins to work.

You know that you can set the newer versions to look and run like the older ones if there's something you don't like?

You know that even if you have a new version, it won't overwrite the old one so you can always revert to using your comfy version if you prefer, but there are various ways to set your new version the way it was in older ones. Take advantage of those super deals. You can't get them at Corel. They are exclusive to users of older versions.

Hi! I've been using PaintShop Pro since 7 smiley Last year I updated to X9 after 9 refused to work. I'm still getting the hang of it because they are quite a bit different.

i am psper to! i didnt use it for a long time. i used to make tags if you remember those and the old msn forums. wow back in the day!! well i just recently started back again and im having to relearn things all over again