Hello, It's Me...

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Hello, It's Me...

How are ya?

Remember me? I am Marti from Kentucky. I have a cattle farm and many kids and grandkids. I am also an ICU nurse and Clinical Educator at WKU, so I am an extremely busy lady! But as I have been analyzing my time more and trying to get more organized in the middle of my chaos, I have made it a goal to get back into scrapbooking.

I have not scrapped since last February. I am so far behind that there is no longer any pressure to catch up! HA! Hopefully just being able to pic photos and work to scrap them will allow me to be more creative. I have set a new goal to scrap at least 2 pages a month, with the plan to shoot for 10 in February. We will see. I still love all things pixel scrapper, and look forward to finding inspiration again.

Love you guys, thanks for always being here!

welcome back, Marti!

Welcome back Marti! Love the idea of being so far behind there's no pressure to catch up. Just do what's in your heart smiley

I'm glad to see you back!

Welcome back!

smiley Great to see you're back!

Welcome back.