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Hello to Pixel Scrappers

I have been doing digital scrapbooking for about 7 years. I still have a huge closet full of the traditional stuff I just can't part with. I mainly use My Memories Suite as my software. I have been with them from the start and all the way up to version 5. I am a Share the Memories affiliate for them and have had several of my album pages highlighted on their blog. I work with several designers coming up with new kit ideas people might want. I still can use outside content (not purchased from my Memories) with the program.

What I am working on now, is starting my own mini small business designing custom word art and invitations. I have been doing it for free for years for friends and family. I recently quit my job as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Microbiology to stay home with my three kiddos. I know it won't replace my income but I will keep my mind fresh, I hope!

I love this site because I can easily purchase the commercial license with the product so I don't have to worry. I was following a blog hop and ended up here and bookmarked it.

You can see my work on at Facebook
or on my blog at www.scrapsofeverydayblessings.com

I look forward to being more of a part of pixel scrapper.

Be Blessed,
Janet Schmidt

Welcome Janet!

We for sure need people that know MMS here at the forums, since we all use PS/PSE/PSP and sometimes can´t really point the newcomers to other good software...

I agree with Lorien. It's great to have you here so you can expand our horizons for some of the members that ask for something less expensive or more simple. Please let us know if you might be willing to assist if people need direction of doing things within MMS. smiley

PS I love your family name WordArt canvas! Gorgeous work, I look forward to seeing more. smiley

Hey Janet, welcome to PS! I still have a lot of my old paper stuff too. I haven't done any paper scrapping in a little while though. If you can't part with it scan it into your computer and use it in your layouts. It'll also provide a nice backup of your favorite papers. I had this 6x6 paper pad that I love so much. I ran out quite a bit. I've had to buy a new batch at least three times and the last time I had trouble finding it so I decided that it would be in my best interest to scan my favorite papers into my computer.

I would be happy to help anyone that uses My Memories Suite!

Sounds Great Janet! We will let you know if the need grows for your assistance in this area. We are wanting to be here and useful for many types of scrappers/designers/artists, so we appreciate your offer! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you get around here at PS. Have a great Day!

I just had a question. If you want to get any kits you have to have the monthly subscription if even if you have enough DC credits?

That's an interesting question Janet. I guess I've been under the impression if you have enough DC you could download them, but let me double check into that for you for sure. Okay smiley I'll be back soon with a definite answer once I ask a couple designers.

OK Janet: So here's my answer for you. smiley
It looks like you either have to be a subscriber or have "purchased", through donation enough points to be able to download a kit.
With that said, If you did try to download a kit because it appears as though you have enough DC, you shouldn't lose your DC. You would most likely get an error saying you don't have access to that download. Hope that helps!
I've been a supporter for the last two years and in the beginning here had donated so I have always been able to download kits. So I wasn't positive of the answer. Sorry it took me so long to get you the answer, but I wanted to give you correct information when I answered. smiley

Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

You're most welcome! smiley