Hi from New Zealand and Canada

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Hi from New Zealand and Canada

OK lets try this again. My name is Robynne and I was born and raised in New Zealand but currently live in Canada. I have listed my home country as NZ but my IP Address says Canada which is correct. The reason I say NZ is because most of my photos are of me (and my family) growing up in NZ. Any photos of Canada will be of my son growing up here in Canada.

I am brand new to Digital Scrapbooking. Only started a month ago at the beginning of February 2019. I have never liked the paper scrapbooking idea - far too messy for me. But digital is so nice and clean and reusable!! LOL

I grew up in NZ, met my spouse online in the year 2000, got married 10 months after we met online and I flew to Canada. Have lived here ever since - and still happily married. Our son will turn 17 later this year.

Sadly we all now have autoimmune medical issues which means we no longer go out very often - usually only to medical appointments or to do whatever shopping is required. Consequently my son is currently being homeschooled through his high school years. He is also heavily into youtubing, and video gaming. He did go to elementary school and graduated from Grade 8. His elementary school was wonderful. He hated his grade 9 year at high school and refused to go back after the March break. So I had to bring him home and apply for him to be homeschooled.

As for me, I love making webpages. I caught the itch after being introuduced to Netscape way back when Windows 98 was the dominant OS. I started a class in computer studies, but never finished it, because I got married and moved to Canada. But during that class, we were taught the basics of HTML and how to make webpages. and i loved it. I had pages up on geocities. I made lens pages on squidoo after geocities disappeared. And then Squidoo was brought out by the competition, I eventually moved to Neocities, where I have a website. Have not updated that for a while.

Then I discovered Digital Scrapbooking!!! I have been into genealogy for the last 25 years and have done both my own family tree and my husbands family tree. He wants me to write a book about his family, but I dont know all the stories. I'm not inclined to do that.

But Digital Scrapbooking? This is perfect. I can keep the photos, the memories and the stories without a lot of writing. So now I am here. I have made one layout from Pixel Scrapper elements, but havent earned enough Community Points to upload it yet. I better get busy!!

if my first post shows up somewhere, it can be deleted. I think I forgot to give it a title and I cannot see it on the forums. This is my second post.

Welcome Robynne! Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to seeing the layouts you post smiley

Hello from a fellow Canadian! -ish

Hello Robynne, New Zealand is so beautiful as is Canada. It is bitter cold here in California today smiley

Welcome Robynne!

Welcome Robynne!

For the record and as far as I know, no one in my family was affected by the attacks in Christchurch on 15 March, 2019.

Praying for your country. It's sad.

welcome Robynne.... I located in Canada as well.