Hi from Western Australia

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Hi from Western Australia

Hi, my name is Amanda, we live on the coast in Western Australia, I have 3 children and a lot of hobbies... I am a tad adhd so go from one thing to another.... oh look shiny..........................................................................................

Welcome Amanda! Thanks for saying hello. smiley

Hi, Amanda! I'm in Queensland, so we are on the opposite sides of the country!

Am planning on returning to Queensland to continue the lap around Oz, we got there a few years ago but had to return back home... the intent was to make repairs to our house after a nasty storm but I got really ill and that started many hospital trips for the next couple of years.... this year has been good... I've not had to go to the ER once smiley So am planning a few trips in WA to see how I go first... then hopefully we sall go for the lap once more smiley Oh we have an old coaster bus that we've made into our second home smiley

smiley Welcome Amanda smiley, your coaster sounds wonderful, I have been looking into a Ford Nugget this week smiley .... I am from Queensland and I so, so love Western Australia.

Hi Bina, I had to go look that up, what a cute car... we actually started camping with a toyota 8 seater enima 4wd... we took out the back seats an put in a bed with storage underneath the bought an enclosed annex for the side of the car.. we had so much fun!! mind you we got older and now our bus is so much more comfy. I hope you have heaps of fun in you new car when you get one smiley

You are giving me some ideas with the Toyota .... smiley what a great van.

well if your planning on driving down tracks then you should look at raising it a bit... we did... it might be 4wd but it mainly for snow, drives fantastic on the roads and tracks but it has a 'soft' bottom so no deeply rutted tracks ... ours is a automatic so a lazy drive but we never went anywhere fast anyway.... its a great car... mines still in our carport as we don't want to part with her smiley read up on them...

Welcome, Amanda!

hi Tammy smiley

Welcome Amanda.

My name is Robynne, and I am actually from New Zealand, although I currently live in Canada.

I am quite new to Pixel scrapper but I love it here!! I only started digital scrapping in February of this year.

I am sure that you will have fun. Don't forget to check out the Challenges for June. You can find them in the forums under the Layout Challenges section.

Thank you Robynne, I've actually never done any layouts... hmmmm... the only scraping I have done for photographs was for my sisters wedding (I was the photographer)... my main hobby was photography... I got into the digital world via tagging groups... then wanted to give back to the community by making digital kits and art (tubes).. and this has taken up most of my spare time and yet, no layouts lol I test my kits by making cluster frames to make sure they have lots in them.... so this is a little new to me.

If you want to design clusters and frame clusters - thats elements around a PNG frame - than you can become a designer. There are plenty of designers on this forum.

I am not a designer myself so I am not familiar with that side of things. I just use what they design and I create the layouts. But I do like using clusters and cluster frames!!!

You might want to check out the Commons section in the menu above. That is where newbie designers upload their graphics and papers for people to comment on and use. You will have to click the link where it says "please join us" in order to be approved for that section.

I keep trying to pass the test but am always off a couple..... but am not well so have not been doing it everyday.... and if I get a little better hubby said we can go on our trip.... I had my 60th birthday on 2nd May and I asked to go for a month long trip to a nearby mountain range to photograph eagles but the bus needed a part, then I got ill and May passed us by..... the bus is still packed and ready to go tho...... might wait till we get back smiley

Hello! I get distracted easily as well. Squirrel!

Hi Marcia.. its easily done me thinks..... am travelling the back roads of the west aussie outback atm so my internet is spotty and sometimes non existant... I've actually missed roaming thro these halls in here........ sigh.... will get stuck into them when we eventually get home... smiley

Hi and Welcome from a fellow Western Australian!

thank you Kaye, welcome to you also its nice to meet you smiley

Welcome Amanda
It is always nice to see a fellow Aussie. I live in Northern New South Wales ( bushfires burning not far away presently)