Hi From Western Australia

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Hi From Western Australia

Hi There I am from Australia, not initially from WA, but originally from South Australia

I am a Digital Scrapbook Designer, I have been so since about 5 years ago. I co designed with a friend of mine, then we decided to do our own designs.

I go by SaviByDesign and have an Etsy store only. This allows me to design at my leisure, create when I feel creative, and do none when I feel uncreative, so no deadlines, which is how I like to do it.

I still love to create scrap pages, and I usually design my own pages to advertise a kit.

I mostly specialize in making CU designer papers.

I love photography as well and I particularly like the months August to October so I can get out into the Australian bush and photograph australian native orchids. As I add gallery images you will no doubt see some of my photographs scrapped.

Hi Kaye, I love going bush to take photographs also... I have thousands of pics!!!!!! I've been putting scrap kits together for a while, I also sketch and paint now and then. I cant wait to see your work :)Welcome to here, its a lovely site filled with lovely people smiley

Welcome Kaye
Nice to greet a fellow Aussie. I live in Northern New South Wales.
I enjoy photographing nature and my grandchildren.

Welcome, Kaye! smiley

Nice to meet you! I can't wait to see your designs.

So glad to have you join us Kaye!

Thank you everyone

Hi Kaye. Looking down the introduction threads, good to see other Aussies here.