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Hi there

Not sure what this place is about yet, or how it will benefit a reporter,
but it looked interesting and I am all about the experience.

From Ashland in Virginia where the trains run through the city.

Hi Annie, do you do digital scrapbooking? What made you want to join the site? It must be exciting to be a reporter!

Hello Annie and welcome to the group smiley

well I just made a long post here, and the site told asked me who I am, and then deleted my post.

Not very friendly is it. I have already had to change my PW twice in 2 days, cause it does not recognise me,
and the site does not seem to work.

If it let's me post this time, the answer to your question is I thought this might be like Pixabay or Pexels where I could get editorial images for my articles. No I don't scrapbook, I am a digital photographer tho.

Hope I don't have to rewrite this again, or ask for another password again. Not a good start.

Sorry you are having trouble Annie. If you continue to experience issues, please send us an email at [email protected]

Annie, I am unfamiliar with the other sites you mentioned, but I think my most favorite aspect of PxS, besides the amount and variety of graphics to choose from, is the commercial use license.