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Howdy~ From Texas

Hey Good Morning!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am really new here. I've only been on this site for about 4 months (just so happens I have only been digi scrapping for the same amount of time). I have been doing traditional scrapbooking for 10 this October. I don't have any friends who scrapbook anymore as they all lost interest so I do it alone. Now that my kids are out of the house and my husband travels for work, it's my quiet time at night to keep myself busy and sane sometimes. I love the outdoors, scrapbooking, photography and enjoying life. I'm learning who I am right now since I am empty nesting and no longer "Moming" day to day.... well we really don't give that up, but some of you will understand.

Hope to meet you guys and get to know you.

PS looking for guidance and directions on "how-to", tricks and such.

Hi Robin! smiley Lovely to meet you. I am also a night scrapbooker smiley) ... there are many tuts and videos loaded with tips and tricks available at PS. If you have a question, pls. ask away, I am sure there will be an answer. smiley

Welcome Robin! I've only occasionally had a friend who was interested in scrapbooking. Most of the time I've gone it alone. But now with Pixel Scrapper I can meet all the people smiley Glad you're here!

Howdy, back!

I'm also from Texas, and an Aggie at that, so saying, "howdy" is part of my regular vocabulary! Happy to meet you! I hope to see you around the forums!

Hi Robin! I am a Texan as well (DFW area) and very new to this site. I am also the only scrapbooker in my social circle anymore - everyone else either gave up on it or just moved on to other crafty pursuits. I'm completely new to digital scrapbooking and find that I'm already hooked. Mainly because I can make as many mistakes as necessary!

Hey all! Glad to met everyone~ I too am the only one in my circle who scrapbooks. Now that I am empty nesting, it seems to be my escape and helps me breath and focus. It's my way of relaxing.

Oh! I'm in Fort Worth and am also the only one in my circle who scrapbooks. I hope you've found this site helpful, Robin!

I am! Maybe we can meet up sometime. I have family that live down that way and often come out to FT. Worth area.

Hi Robin, a newbie here, to Pixel Scrappers but not a newbie to digital scrap booking. I also live in Texas. And I am retired with grown kids, with 6 grandkids. I spend a lot of time photographing them and scrap booking their busy lives.

Hi Robin, you mentioned looking for guidance. What software do you use to digiscrap? I think the vast majority of people use a Photoshop product, but I don't. Right now I just can't justify the cost. I use some free software like Pxlr if I want to edit an element (like change the color) but otherwise I use PrintMaster. It is really inexpensive and it does not have 1,000,000 functions so it is pretty simple to learn to use.

Good morning Robin, and welcome! I am from Illinois, scrapping for 19 years, digi-scrapping for 12.

Welcome, Robin.

Welcome Robin