Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Here is my little introduction:
I'm Hilde from a little town in Belgium. I like to scrap, handmade (hybrid I think you call it) and recently also digital, but I try to make them look like they were made from real paper and not digitally.
The style I love is the european way of scrapbooking, where you put the accent on the photos. So that will be the style you can expect and discover from me. If you see something from scrapilde,well, that's my creative name
For the digital scrapbooking I use the software Studio-Scrap. Don't know if anyone here use it also

Welcome, Hilde! I hadn't realized there was a distinctive European style of scrapbooking, that's so interesting to learn. I'd love to see some examples if you can point me towards some, and I'll keep an eye out for yours to appear in the gallery!

hello Hilde! welcome to Pixel Scrapper smiley

Hi Violet and Dagi, thanks!

The european style is a style used in hybrid pages were you use stencils to make layouts. It is all about playing with the forms and the spacing between. You love it or you hate it, but I felt in love with that style and that is what makes me start scrapbooking years ago smiley

I started digital scrapbooking because I was way behind and I have incorporated that style in my work.

For the hybrid pages there are plenty of sites/blogs were you can see pages in this style, also my website.
For the digital I just didn't found them yet, except for Lea France. She makes digital templates, so most of the time I'm using these templates, so I do'nt have to invent them myself.

Soon i will be able to post some pages and then it will all be clear what I'm talking about smiley

Welkom bij Pixelscrapper Hilde!

Dank je wel Patricia smiley

Welcome Hilde! Looking forward to seeing some layouts.

Welcome, Hilde. smiley

Thx, Will posting some pages soon, after sorting some thing out first (organizing before I loose track I mean, lol)

Welcome Hilde! I'm French, not so far from you!

Ha, we are sort of neighbours then!

Hello from Canada, and welcome to the group