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Hi, I'm Jill, & I'm a retired Hospital Scientist. ( worked in hospital Pathology Departments )I Live in Sydney, Australia. Some of my hobbies are photography, bushwalking, manual scrapbooking, photo greeting card making,making items with photos online with Snapfish, x-stitch, reading, watching TV documentaries. I have a boyfriend, with whom I go out as much as is possible - we share lots of things in common - watching movies, walking. We used to go caving, canyoning, but these things are pretty well out of my reach these days. I've just taken up digital scrapbooking, & have to admit I'm addicted - but that's OK. I manage to mostly fit other stuff into the day, that needs doing. I have a feathered baby called Monty. He's a very talkative, inquisitive cockatiel, & I would totally miss him if anything were to happen to him. I have to scrap while he's in the cage, otherwise he's on the keyboard, removing the key tops!

Welcome Jill! It sounds like you've had lots of great adventures to scrapbook.

Hi Marisa yes, I consider myself very fortunate to have been to lots of places in my own country, as well as overseas. Of course, I have always also been keen to take photos wherever I go. I could do a LO every day until I die, & probably never run out of material to use!

Hi Jill smiley

Hi Aibhne, Sorry, I haven't come across any lay outs of yours. Are you new to the Pixel Scrapper community?

Welcome Jill from a fellow Aussie living in Northern New South Wales.
I hope you enjoy being here and I look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery.

Hi Jill,

I haven't really been one to make LOs, I went from tagging to creating my own art & designing over the course of a 2 year period around 2004 when tube licensing companies such as GILD, AMI, CILM, MPT, etc (now mostly amalgamated into CDO) started to appear. Although I was on quite a number of CTs between 2006 & 2016 such as Scrap Takeout (STO - CT & advertising), Scrappy DoSigners (SDS - owner & designer), Moo Too Designs (MTD - CT & designer), Digiscrap Forum (mod). I now sell exclusively at CraftsUPrint (CUP) and have done since 2015.

I have a few though I can share, but mostly not as my children do not consent to me sharing photos (no matter how edited) of them online, which is totally fair.

This is a layout created using a photograph of myself, my big brother and our parents when I was a todddler.

This is a layout created using a photograph of my paternal grandfather's family that a son from my grandfather's second marriage sent me.

I created all elements and papers within both LOs

Hi Anne-Marie - these are lovely. I usually do a page a day, except if there's a big job I have to do that takes a large part of the day, or, if I'm not feeling myself, which happens a fair bit.

Thank you, yes I understand those feelings although I am scattered, I have so many interests, it's very difficult to create time for them without them taking over and me vanishing into a zone where lots of creativity happens and zero chores lol

Jill, I think you meant to comment on Aibhne's pages being lovely as I have not shared any in this thread.