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Literally, I just discovered digital scrapbooking. I am in utter awe. I have no idea what to do or how to do it but I think I have found a new hobby.

I really want to learn how to create my own backgrounds and embellishments.

This is really amazing!!!

Glad to have you here Melanie! Looking forward to seeing what you make smiley

Welcome, Melanie!!

Welcome, Melanie!

welcome Melanie, I too want to learn all about making backgrounds and embellishment etc

Welcome Melanie.

Digital scrapping is the best. You can be as creative as you want to be without making a mess.

Gina, oh the mess! You are so right! My 7 year old wants to scrap with me. We have yet to get started. I don't have a designated scrap/craft area, so I have to get everything out and pack it all back up when I am done. It is kind of a pain. Digi scrap is so much more organized and convenient.

Yes, Gina, no mess, no store everthing away again and if you have to make a break, just save your files and come back later.

And you can use all your favourite papers and elements over and over again without being afraid of wasting them ... I bought a couple of paper packs from Disney on vacation in Orlando and never used them ... I can't decide what to scrap with them.

Also you can re-color your stuff to fit your needs, change the size ... endless opportunities when you scrap digital.
I love it.