Meet the Pixel Scrapper Team

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Meet the Pixel Scrapper Team

Visit our Team Page to meet all the amazing people who help keep Pixel Scrapper running!

Thank you for putting faces to all those who make everything run so smoothly here.
Its a great place to join in.
And thank you to all the designers who share so much with us as well as encourage.

Ditto to everything Maree said!

Great to see the people who make this site possible and those who keep it running! smiley

Thank you each for having the site for us smiley

THanks so much for all you do smiley

Thanks for the time and work you put into keeping this site runnign so smoothly. It's very appreciated.

Wonderful site, and thanks to everyone who works hard behind the scenes.... just one question, though - what does an Upload Helper actually do? (I'm really curious about this smiley )

Our upload helpers upload ALL the individual graphics to the site. They are very hard working people smiley

Thank you for sharing with us all the team members. That was awesome to see and read about who and what so many of you are about. I am certain that it is a full time job keeping this managed and running so I give my thanks to each and every one of you.

I Love the Team Page! It's Awesome to See everyone involved, what they do, and all on such a cute and organized little page. smiley

Thanks, it's great to see you all pictures smiley

Thank you to all the Team members for their time and effort for this site. i totally understand the time and commitment it takes to put things like this together.

What a great idea, having a list of staff & their photos. I nice to see who's behind the screen. I need to update mine with an actual photo of myself. It makes a huge difference.

Thanks for all you do!

So very nice to see all those who make the site possible! Job well done and greatly appreciated! smiley

Good Morning, Thank you for adding the faces from behind the scenes

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for such a lovely site smiley

You guys ROCK! Your talent is just awesome

Loved seeing the team page

So many wonderful people involved in this scrapping site. What a team!

Wow - I takes an amazing group of talented people to keep a site up with great design and content.

Thank you for taking the time to develop an informative and useful digital scrapbooking site. I love how your team and yourself have made it possible for people of all type of incomes to be able to participate and learn how to digitally scrapbook. Making it have the free items and different levels of subscriptions allows for the dipping of the toe into the pond to see if you like the digital arena, developing as a designers, or for the folks on limited incomes to have a place to come and be able to be creative. Many thanks of appreciation for all your team does.

Lovely to meet you all

thanks for all you do, just getting to know the site smiley

oh wow! all those beautiful faces.. its so good to see you all, what a lovely page... had a great time putting faces to peeps, this place is os warm and friendly I shall enjoy my time here smiley

OH! This is so awesome! It is great to see everyone together!

I can't even imagine all the work involved in making this site run like a well oiled machine! Thank you!

Great to meet you all virtually. I'm so happy you created such forum for us crafters can enjoy. smiley

Glad to put faces to all of the wonderful folks that run this site! I love that doing things around the site earn points that can be used for your benefit! Glad to meet all you crafters/creators!