Am I missing something?! Trying to upgrade...

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Am I missing something?! Trying to upgrade...

So here is the page I keep getting directed to when I click on "upgrade for unlimited downloads"...where do I sign up?


Hi Neeka,

This usually means that there's some setting in your browser that has gotten off causing not all elements of this page to show. The first thing I would try is using a different browser if you have one and seeing if that fixes the issue. Otherwise we have an article here on troubleshooting browser things. I would try #2 and then #4 if you trying a different browser doesn't work. Let me know how this goes!

I am unable to subscribe at this time. The system keeps telling me "Access Denied
You are not authorized to access this page." when I try to apply for the unlimited dowloads plan for $15.00 a month". I have utilized this process 2 different times prior and have never had issues. I had cancelled subscription earlier in year due to my job and not having the time to utilize the service or scrapbook. I would like to be able to use this weekend, but not allowing. Please assist me with this issue

I have responded to your support request, Robin!