Attacking redirecting advertising on site

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Attacking redirecting advertising on site

not sure what it was because those can happen on any page that allows external ads...
and it's very difficult to go back where you where, as the page keeps redirecting, all I can say is I was in the freebies section looking at someones freebies when the page decided to up and redirect...

Here is all I could get for you.

THIS is the url it redirected to MINUS the main


and it came form www dot youradexchange dot com


@Jordan Magnuson

It looks like it came from your end. You probably went to a site that was bad.

yes, this one lol

trust me it was not my pc

jordan took care of it, so no one need worry...

this is why I use an ad block (sorry folks tryin to make a buck) because ad exchanges running ads on perfectly legit sites, are still subject to hacking and virus injections, which in turn affect any site using thier services