Blog Train Participation and use of Pixel Scrapper products

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Blog Train Participation and use of Pixel Scrapper products

I was not sure where to ask this questions so I chose this section of the forum.

I have a commercial use subscription so am I able to use what graphics I download in the kits I create for the Blog Trains?

I realise they would need to be recolored or altered in some way. Also I realise it would not be allowed to use totally one lot of designers products in a kit I create.

Thank you for whoever responds to my question.

If you havent already, you can find Pixel Scrapper's Commercial Use TOU on the Help page by clicking on Licensing (TOU)

According to it as long as you are not using more than 50% of Pixel Scrapper graphics (and it really doesn't matter if there is 1 or several designer's items you use) and you are doing something creative with them or in the least recoloring, then of course you can use them in blog trains as they are freebie friendly. [Shouldn't everything be lol!].

Hope that helps!

@Jessica Dunn thankyou for your reply to my question. It will make it far easier for me to take part in the Blog Trains now. I have a trigger thumb that plays up sometimes so I have difficulty in doing a lot of extractions of my own designing things.