Commercial Use items and license.

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Commercial Use items and license.

I am new to this side of scrap-booking design and I want to go down the right road. I want to make sure if I need to purchase a license to use the commercial use items for my own kits. I could not find a place to purchase one. I know I have to change them but want to make sure if I need to get a license to use them. Thank you and I love, love, love this site.

The short answer: there is no extra CU license to purchase here on PixelScrapper. If you download a CU item, you can use it for CU (even CU4CU).

The long answer:

The TOU (scroll down just a bit and the section should be opened up) goes into a lot more detail, so I suggest reading over it (and the Manifesto explains the "why"), but basically, when you choose to download something as "commercial use" on this site (as opposed to the "personal use" download option), you are downloading the commercially licensed item. And that's as complicated as it gets. Don't distribute the item as-is as your own creation or upload them to a stock image website, and otherwise the sky is pretty much the limit (again, please read the TOUs for more details - because Marisa and Jordan really say it best).

Technically, you don't have to provide attribution at that point, but doing it is good form! I have a banner on my blog (at the top of my blogroll/links, 'cause I love it here THAT much! lol!) linking back and I have a thank you/linkback in my TOU text file for all my kits (because I use something PixelScrapper in pretty much everything I do! lol!).

For a "free" membership on the site, daily download credits are capped, so you can't save up enough to download full bundles all at once and CU items are more "expensive" (2-5 credits for CU vs 1-3 for PU, etc). If you want more items at once, you have to financially support the site either through the monthly subscription ($20/month for full unlimited CU downloads) or by purchasing bundles of credits.

Even if you have a free membership (and download items s-l-o-w-l-y piece-by-piece, lol), you can still support the site by giving back to the community: post in the forums, join in the blog trains, upload layouts, etc.

PixelScrapper really isn't hung up on the copyright licenses (see manifesto). What they're really interested in is the community and making this a digital scrapbooking HOME. I LOVE how when one of us comes back after a time away and Lorien says "welcome home". (I think this is why I LOVE it here so much!)

So... did that answer your question? smiley
Lemme know if you have any more questions or need any more clarifications; It can be a bit confusing at first, and I am happy to help (if someone else doesn't beat me to it!).

Thank so much Mollie. This helps out a lot. I am just starting out and do not want run into copyright issues at the start. Besides doing things right the first time is a lot less stressful. I have been downloading for a few months the PU items but thought I might look in to the CU side. I read the manifesto but somethings it takes a little more to sink in. LOL!

I hope to start getting more creative and join in the fun. I have found this place to be pretty great to visit and get useful information.

You are very welcome; I am happy to be of assistance. I totally understand. It is always easier to start things on the right foot! smiley