Commercial use: Making Book covers

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Commercial use: Making Book covers

Hi, Quick TOU question. I'm creating book covers for fiction books. I just want to make sure that I understand everything. I can use your graphics here on the site under the commercial use license, correct? And no attribution is necessary, but I'd like to add PixelScrapper and possibly the individual artist to my Acknowledgements page. Will that be okay?
Does that cover everything?
If the books start making $100k a year, I think we'll all be pretty happy. So I'll try to keep track.
And should I just add the cover images to my user Gallery?
Thank you so much.

Pacifika smiley

Depending on the sales of the books you're creating, you need to make sure that you and whoever you are making the designs for does not make more than $100k:

You may use our graphics on printed physical products that you sell as long as your total gross income related to the sale of these kinds of goods is less than $100,000 USD per year. If you, your company, or your subsidiaries make more than $100,000 per year related to selling printed physical goods, please contact us to work out a special contract before selling items printed with our graphics.

Otherwise, you're good to go.

And the $100k is the only proviso, correct?
Is that sales for that particular cover, or for all covers I create that use Pixelscrapper graphics, combined?
And for attribution, I will put PixelScrapper in the acknowledgements page. As long as that's alright with you. smiley

If your design business makes more than $100k in a year, or the company you're designing for does, then you'll need to get special permission to use our graphics.

Otherwise you should be good to go.

Oh, wow. In one year? I thought it meant over all time.
Awesome. Thank you Marisa. smiley