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community credits

hi there, I was just wondering why I have over 394 community credits, but I am only getting 10 DCs a day. I used to get more, I was wondering if anybody would know why??? thank in advance smiley any help appreciated

or is 10DC the max?

I believe that 10dc is the max, Amber.

Aha . . . that answers my question too. I was expecting another credit at 600ish points that never materialized, and now I know why. Just curious, are the community points good for anything else besides earning the 10 download credits? (Not that it makes much difference - I'm just curious).

Not really, Teddy. They are a really great indicator of how active someone is (or isn't) at Pixel Scrapper though smiley

I thought right from the start that it was brilliant to restrict gallery uploads to a certain number of community points - what a simple way to discourage abuse! (& the free downloads are a nice bonus).

I was wondering about the maximum DC, too, so thanks for answering my unasked question!

Today was my first day to earn community points and this answered my question - partially. It says 10DC for the day, so if I go on to get more, will I lose them if I don't log in on one of my days once the community points kick in? So essentially the question is whether you lose community point download credits if you don't use them each day.

Hi Celestine!

The DC bonus that comes from CP are a one time bonus. You don't lose them until you use them - but also you won't have more DC added to your account until you drop below 5 again. Does that make sense?

I believe so. Thanks!