Download error in hello kits (paint kit is one)

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Download error in hello kits (paint kit is one)

I keep getting an error (access denied) xml file isn't associated

Mary: Is this to one in our assets/kits area here on the forum? If so, could you please share a direct link to the one giving you troubles and I will try to download it myself and see if it gives me troubles... then I will try to get the designer to look into it for you, too. Thanks! --Shawna

I think I've found the one you're referring to. Is it this one here?
I can't get it to work either and noticed that it is in the download system twice.
I will see if Janet Scott can figure it out and if not, then I will let Jordan know to look into it the next time they have internet connection on their traveling vacation. smiley It may take a little bit to get it fixed if Janet can't. So, I thank you in advance for your patience & understanding. smiley

Hey ladies,

I completely apologize! There's definitely an issue with the paint kit from the Hello bundle. I noticed the double upload right away but unfortunately can't delete nor edit either of them as whenever there's a double upload it's a glitch that can only be handled by Marisa or Jordan. I contacted Jordan a few days ago, but haven't heard back yet. I'll definitely post here as soon as I hear that it has been fixed. Again, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!

PS: Thanks Shawna for bringing this forum topic to my attention. smiley

Sorry about the duplicate upload issue and download errors: that's totally on our side, and we'll try get these issues minimized/eliminated in future.

@Janet: for now, I have deleted the duplicate, so you should be able to edit the kit, delete the zip file, and upload it again. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Thanks so much for deleting it Jordan. I'm so sorry that it happened in the first place and that I had to bug you two on your vacation. smiley I hope you're both relaxing and enjoying the trip!

As soon as the double disappears on my side, I'll go ahead and update the zip.

It's all fixed! Thank you for your help Jordan and again I'm so sorry to have had to bug you two on vacation.

You both are totally awesome! Thanks for getting it all fixed up. smiley