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Gallery Question

I have been enjoying viewing & starting to comment on layouts in the gallery, but have not yet uploaded any of mine. In reading the gallery guidelines I haven't seen anything about the following. I've noticed that a lot (maybe even majority) of those I see seem to have really a lot of blank background space around them. Which to me makes them look more like a "photo cluster" rather than a layout. That is in contrast to many of the others that have way too many elements cluttering up the page & you can hardly see a photo.

What I'm wondering though is whether on the more blank looking ones have people removed layers before uploading their pages? When I make pages it is usually for a friend, family member or relative, with the purpose being to document an event. Which means I usually include their name (or at least first name) in a rather large type size, as well as a month and year if I know it. Since I also do genealogy I want future generations to be able to identify people. On the other hand, in general, I don't want to post those things in public other than among a small group of friends or relatives.

Until recently I've been creating my pages in Craft Artist as it was quick & simple, and saving everything as JPGs, ie w/out layers. Now that I am using PSE I have the ability to save PSDs but have still been saving JPGs to save on backup space. Up until this point I have not had the need or desire to move anything around or reuse a layout after I'm done. So I'm wondering are people saving as PSD, then removing personal captions in order to post to the gallery? Or saving once as a JPG w/out them, then adding other captions for their personal collection & saving again to JPG or PSD? Or is it simply that I'm seeing a style that is currently popular that I would describe as "photo clusters"?

I think you're just describing different personal styles. Some people like to leave a lot of white space and have a minimal look. Others like to include a lot of photos. There's no right or wrong way to scrapbook. Just do what you love and share what you're comfortable sharing. Some people will blur things they don't want on the internet, or you can remove journaling if you're more comfortable with that.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

I personally tend to have a more simple style with a lot of blank (not necessarily white) space. I tend not to like busy pages because I want the photo to stand out and be the main focus, not the fancy stuff around it. I also don't scrap for any other purpose than to fill some time and challenge my creative side. Most often I make a page, post it here, and delete it from my computer.
I have made stillbirth pages that I've chosen not to share within this community only because that's a tough subject and a lot of people don't want to see those pictures, understandably. I've considered sharing the pages without the photos (either blurring them or just leaving a gray space where the photo/s is/are) so it's possible people are posting layouts while omitting pics or journaling that would otherwise be there.
Mostly I think everyone has their own process and style when it comes to making their pages smiley If we didn't, this would get boring pretty fast!

Yes I agree Kayl that everyone tends to the style that fits them. I've also found that as I've learned different techniques, collected different stuff to work with, and found different interests, that my style shifts here and there. Another art thing I like to do is make quilts. When I started it took me a long time to make a small one since I didn't know what I was doing. Now I can make a small one quickly and easily, just like a basic digi page. It takes much longer when I'm being more "artsy".

As to making pages & then deleting them from the computer, at first I thought wow I couldn't do that. But then it came to mind that I've made close to 600 quilts (mostly small) and given almost all of them away. It is really the process of making them that I like, not holding on to a huge stack of them. I have taken pictures of almost all of them that I can look back on though & have albums with those.

Quilting! I've always been interested in making them I just don't like the price tag it can bring. I'm very mathematical and I think I'd be good at & enjoy making intricate designs however the start up isn't cheap! Digi scrapping fills my need to creatively challenge myself instead smiley

Like Kayl, I too like the photos to be the focus of attention & tend not to like the clutter I see on many LOs, & I too delete the LOs once uploaded, as it saves space.

But at the same time, I love adding some pretties(elements) in my LOs, & they are quite eclectic as some of my LOs don't stritly contain elements or embellishments from one kit only or a digital one; I even mix them up with vectors if I like a particular one enough!! Some of my LOs don't even have these cases, the focus maybe a poem or a quote/saying or a poster, etc.

Like Marisa says, there is no hard & fast rule to creating a LO...each one to her own!

There are definitely many styles of scrapbooking and we all have different reasons and goals for our pages, so it all boils down to doing what you like and that with which you are comfortable.

I don't think, personally, that I have any one style; I usually let the photo guide me; I always like the "less-is-more" rather than the overuse of embellishments, though, whenever I worked on a Cretive Team, and this may be true for other CT members, I used more embellishments than I would normally, in order to provide sample use of a good amount of the designer's products.

I found this link that describes scrapbooking styles..maybe it may help you:

Finding a Scrapbooking Style

As for things I wish to keep private, I either don't post them online at all, or I save a 2nd version with the private stuff blurred or removed.

I keep all my files, which is rather ridiculous but I have an addictive personality..I don't drink alcohol, nor do illegal drugs, but I hoard digital art and fabric (I use to quilt too, among other sewing projects, but, sadly, am no longer able). Where as. my family (hubby & son) hoard real physical junk that we trip over. smiley

Good luck and have fun, Mountain Laurel

Thanks Rose Thorn (sounds like MtnLaurel LOL). I do like different styles for different photos. The photo subjects and/or people in them usually suggest what works best. And yes I've liked different styles more than others over the years. Have seen this in my quilts and fabric too.