How do I delete one of my forum posts?

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How do I delete one of my forum posts?

I want to delete one of my posts as it's no longer relevant and it's eating up my monthly Photobucket bandwidth.

Can anyone tell me how?

I am not even getting a "edit" button for the link! smiley

I am not sure if you can Rose, but if you tell wich one it is, I´ll solve the issue for you smiley

Thank you Lórien, i'd appreciate that.

It's this one.

I can´t edit, because it´s locked and I can´t unlock a topic at a forum that I don´t have permision to open new topics at. But I´ll ask Marisa to do it. Bear in mind that it can take some time till she answers.

Only deleting the image is ok? Or you need everything else deleted too?

Rose, the picture has been deleted!

Thank you, that should help with my bandwidth problem.